Should you throw an engagement party?

Getting engaged is an amazing milestone in a couple’s life together. No matter whether it’s a whirlwind romance and you’ve been together for a few months, or if you’ve been together for a long time, there is something special about committing to each other in this way.

Usually, a proposal is a private moment, so unless your family and friends were in on the surprise, you’re sure to want to share your news with them. But whilst a phone call or sending a photo is a lovely way to let them know, many people also choose to throw an engagement party. This means that they can show off the sparkly new addition to their jewellery collection, and gives their loved ones the chance to celebrate this new stage of their life with them.

Engagement parties aren’t for everyone, and it’s your call whether celebrating in this way is right for you as a couple. Here, we look at a few pros and cons to help you decide.

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Con: an unnecessary cost?

Whilst not the case for everyone, engagement often falls around the same time as other major life events, like buying or renting a home, and establishing yourself in your job. Young couples may be conscious of needing to watch their money, and so throwing an engagement party might feel like an unnecessary extra expense.

For couples who like to keep things low-key, they may prefer to spend their money on some delicious food to share with their nearest and dearest at home instead of hiring out a party venue. Not only might this be more meaningful, but it’s sure to keep the costs down.

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Pro: An opportunity to bring everyone together

If you both have a wide circle of family and friends who will want to celebrate with you, then throwing a party is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together at once. You may struggle to commit to lots of smaller celebrations, and if you’re likely to invite all these people to your wedding, then it’s a great chance for them to gel before the big day. For your closest friends, it can be a chance to socialise before your stag or hen party too.

Pro: Can allow you to have a smaller wedding

Weddings are expensive affairs, with the average Australian wedding costing $36,000. If you’re looking to bring the cost of the big day down, or would just prefer something more intimate, an engagement party is a good option. It can mean that you celebrate with your nearest and dearest, but you forgo the biggest expenses of a large wedding venue, and the premium cost for food and drink at these locations.

If you have a favourite restaurant, it can also mean that you can throw your party here and get the food you really want to celebrate your nuptials, rather than a generic three course meal. Then when the day comes to get married, you can just pick a few close people to be your witnesses, knowing that you’ve already included everyone you love in your previous celebrations. There will be no unknown plus ones in sight.

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