Simple but Intimately Romantic-The Elopement

Elegant flowers, lovely music, and crafty carpet on the aisle where the lovely bride will march as her soon-to-be husband waits on the altar with his teary eyes. The world seems on a halt for a moment while hundreds of people are watching from their seats. That’s how we envision what weddings should look like. Apparently, that’s not how it always seems to be.

With the current world crisis, engaged couples were forced to celebrate their much-awaited day in a more intimate and simple manner. Or at least how they really wanted it to be.

The story of Tim and Sabina shows everyone that it doesn’t need to have extravagant celebrations with hundreds of guests, nor a picturesque venue with stunning landscapes, nor a complete wedding set-up that aims to make everyone happy. Weddings could be at their happiest even at its simplest. No big crowds, no full band, no complete set-up, it’s just you and your spouse surrounded with a few people close to your heart.

The couple first met on a bus going to Taronga Zoo on a school excursion when they were just 13 years old. Since then, they remained friends, nothing too cheesy, just friends. Not until they both turned 17. That’s when they started dating. Even with shifting of careers and moving houses, they proved to the world that they both can endure. And yes they’ve been for 6 fabulous years.

Despite the challenges that the current world crisis has brought, Sabina and Tim strengthen their love for each other all the more. They both endured multiple venue changes and schedule adjustments. But what makes it more depressing is the fact that not all their loved ones can come because of restrictions. However, the wedding must go on and nothing can stop the two love birds from being bonded as one.

As simple as it is, the couple enjoyed the intimacy and uniqueness of their wedding. They love not having to stress out about making everyone happy. In fact, almost everyone contributed to making the event much more meaningful and nostalgic.

According to the couple, the most important part of their wedding is that they’ve executed it successfully and most importantly, safely together with a few people close to their hearts, including their furbabies.

“Just go with it, something is always going to go wrong but if you just smile and push through it will be such a good day. Also, backup plans are terrific.” The couple highlighted when asked about their advice for future married-to-be couples.

No matter how simple your wedding celebration is, there will always be a way to make it more meaningful and nostalgic. The story of Tim and Sabina depicts true love, it endures even in the most trying season. No big celebrations, just intimate perfect moments that will always be cherished forever.

Special Thanks to all Partners Who Made This Event Possible

Photographer & Videographer: Perfect Moment Photography and Video
Florist: The Little Flower Shop, Wentworth Falls
Bride’s jewelry: Eucalyptus Earrings, AlejaHineArt Brisbane
Bride’s Shoe: Mollini
Bridesmaid Dresses: Basque
Ceremony Officiate: Rhyan Andrews, Beautiful Day Celebrancy and Counselling
Engagement Ring: Aifos Jewelry
Wedding Ring: Proud Jewellers

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