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Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer

When planning your dream wedding in Southern Highlands, you might worry about your other wedding needs, such as your southern highlands wedding photographer. Your best wedding moments in the classic estates and gardens of Southern Highlands deserve a lifetime of remembrance through gorgeous photos. 

Look back to your festive and passionate memories with a smile through beautiful pictures captured at the moment just right. As you take your vows and seal them with a kiss in the elegant and pristine architectural region and excellent green pastures and wilderness of Southern Highlands, bring the best southern highland photographer and team with you. I know the best one, so let me help you out.

Some of Perfect Moment Wedding Stories

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Hayley and Brad

City Beach Function Centre Wollongong

Ayman and Maryam 28

Maryam and Ayman

Melbourne University

Jessie and Justin 147


Sydney Rowing Club

Victoria and Lachlan 80


Garden Hill Spa Retreat

Kay and Callum 110


Cockatoo Island

SabinaandTim 50


Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

Hemani and Rumesh day 32 572

Hemani & Rumesh

Oatlands House & The Grounds of Alexandia

Jess and Martin 41


Gledswood Homestead and Winery

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Melanie and Jacob 1369


Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

Kristal and Mat 100


Circa 1876

Riv and Dan 72

Riv & Dan

Wildwood Kangaroo Valley

Perfect Moment as Your Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers

Perfect Moment and its fantastic team will assist you in documenting your “I do’s” in the winery region and rolling hills of Southern Highlands. Let me tell you why they are the best team for your perfect moment.

We Have the Right Package for Your Wedding Photography Needs

Our Perfect moment team has curated a selection of packages that will fit your wedding needs. If you are looking for a sole photography package, a videography package, or a combination, we have them for you. Choose from our excellent packages, which range from $1550 to $5550 depending on your photography needs. Subsequently, you can also customize those packages to fit your budget.

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We are Excellent and Fun to Work With

Perfect moment team is not only built with professionalism but also fun. We aim to create a comfortable environment during our shoots and ensure that our lovely couples are in a safe and enjoyable place and mindset. With an equal passion for excellent output, we prioritize our relationship and communication with our clientele. Your wedding day is the most important thing of the day for you and us. Presenting our plans and execution process of poses and pegs in a friendly manner as our team is aware of the pressure and worry during the special day. Check out our lovely couple’s testimony and see what they think of the Perfect moment team.


We are Creative and Flexible in our Craft

Each wedding and love story is unique and wonderful, with comfort and tense situations. Perfect Moment team comprises artistic and versatile members equipped and experienced for candid and unplanned wedding split seconds. We will not only assist you in creating your wedding shoot but also help you unlock your creativity during shoots for your beautiful wedding memento. Our passion for art drives us to provide you with quality wedding photos and videos for your once-in-a-lifetime union, and we will not miss any moments of your special day. Check out our portfolio for our successful wedding project.


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We are Professionals and Committed

Finding a photography team you can trust to do the job beautifully is quite challenging, as this event is the moment you and your partner have been looking forward to. We understand you want everything ideal and polished. Luckily, you have come across a fully committed and knowledgeable team. The perfect Moment team has handled multiple wedding events successfully throughout the year. We will help and guide you on your wedding through and through. Check out our clientele’s feedback and stories to solidify the right choice of choosing our team for your union. 


We Understand Your Wedding Needs

With our years of experience in the wedding photography industry, we have come across different couples who want to eternalize their beautiful memories. Perfect moment team has successfully learned each couple’s needs through our discussions during the planning stage. Through this, we can align your package, style, and budget to create an excellent wedding photography shoot and package for you and your partner. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

On average, a wedding photographer costs about $1000 for a 2-hour photography shoot. With the Perfect Moment team, the packages include 6-10 shooting hours, costing only $1550 to $2650—many more affordable packages in high-quality service available in our Perfect Moment Catalog. 

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Typically, wedding photography packages are composed of several hours of photography sessions, one professional photographer, and unlimited shots, with a photo gallery of edited high-resolution pictures. Depending on your requirements, additional needs can be discussed and added to the package.

What are the best wedding places in the southern highlands?

Southern Highlands is filled with many beautiful garden venues for your wedding. The most famous would be Mali Brae Farm, an award-winning boutique accommodating 50-100 guests. However, it’s best to research and ocular to know which fits your preference and budget.  

Do I need two photographers for my wedding?

Strategically, YES. Having two photographers is essential for contingency and practical needs. One photographer cannot capture all angles in a short, fast-paced ceremony. It’s best to have a backup southern highland wedding photographer in cases of technical and natural issues that may arise.  

How long before we receive our wedding photos and gallery?

Your beautiful wedding memento should typically be ready within 2-4 weeks after your wedding day. This also depends on your service provider. With Perfect moment photos will be delivered in a personalized gallery, all edited and graded, and videos will be uploaded on dropbox

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.

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