Book a Proposal and Make the Moment Eternal

Plan the perfect proposal 

There’s a lot that comes with planning a proposal in a different city. Our proposal specialists and experts are ready to help you every step of the way, putting your needs before anything else and bringing a flawless surprise proposal to life, for an experience both of you will always carry.

How a Perfect Moment Proposal Works

Take it steady before shooting starts. One of our skilled and attentive proposal specialists will give you the lowdown – full of detail but easy as “that’s it?” to understand – on exactly what to do for the perfect surprise proposal. Their expert tips get you ready and make everything fall into place.

On the Day

Your photographer will be there early, fully ready at your proposal location. With our longer, 60-minute or more options, you’ll capture that special, once-in-a-lifetime moment, along with the joyous engagement moments immediately following it.

After the Shoot

An online gallery, like the ones you can browse, is expressly sent to you within five days. In it is your package of high-resolution images that capture even the tiniest detail, and the excitement of the moment, in precise and popping detail.

Few moments in life are as personal as proposals, and the extensive amount of planning that goes into them proves that. That’s why we’re only able to book proposal shots with the person who will be proposing during the shoot. If you want to purchase a proposal shoot on someone else’s behalf, consider purchasing a gift card from us instead.

Proposal Packages

Our proposal packages, catering to different moods, tastes and atmospheres, include:

A comprehensive plan with everything you know makes your proposal exactly how you’ve always pictured it, maps, mock-up images and other important material for you to review and tweak until everything is just right. Together with you, your proposal planner makes sure all the details, big and small, are confirmed well ahead of that long-awaited proposal date.

Clear, attentive and open communication with your proposal specialist and photographer so that no detail is left unattended to, and everything comes to life just as you imagine it.

Insider tips, tactics and tricks that our experts have learned over their vast collective experience, broken down and made easy for you to understand, on how to get hitched without a hitch. They will also share with you some clues on the best local spots for you to propose, and celebrate that once-only wonderful moment.

Proposal Pricing

At a cost comparable to a meal at a nice restaurant, Perfect Moment Photography captures your proposal destination and gives you a travel souvenir that will always mean something, priceless memories you can take with you anywhere, recall any time and go over with the one special person you’re having them with.

Book a Proposal and Make the Moment Eternal 

Ensure the most important memories of your special day are captured forever. Trust Perfect Moment Photography and Video with your wedding photography for a lifetime of memories