The top 10 wedding themes for 2020

For a long time, planning a wedding meant buying a white dress and choosing a wedding color. The rest was dictated by the same traditional theme that millions before you had followed. These days wedding themes and trends have expanded, and now couples have hundreds of wedding themes to choose from. In fact, some people even combine themes creating even more exotic wedding options.

These days weddings have secondary and primary themes. For example, rustic weddings are the top trending theme, but couples who want to make their rustic wedding unique match the theme with a secondary theme. This year you may attend rustic vintage weddings, rustic luxury weddings, and chic boho weddings.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, DIY, outdoor garden themes, classic romance themes, rustic boho, rustic romance, vintage, and more are all up for grabs. Planning a wedding now involves much more than simply choosing a color scheme, but with the added work comes unique personalized wedding themes. The following are the top ten wedding themes of 2020.


As noted, rustic is the current ruling theme when it comes to weddings. The rustic theme is fairly new, but it picked up steam quickly and has been the top wedding theme for the past four consecutive years. The rustic theme often features older farms, cellar doors, and buildings and is generally relaxed compared to more formal traditional themes. The rustic theme leans heavily on location, so if you don’t want to worry about a large amount of decor it may be a good fit for you.

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Given weddings are all about romance you can expect the romantic theme to stand the test of time for years to come. Most romantically themed weddings still carry traditional elements, but emphasize the fanciful parts of the wedding such as natural golden lighting, the first dance, and sharing the first bite of cake. Fairy lights and dreamy decor help embellish the theme a little further along with plenty of red rose petals.


Some people approach wedding planning like they are hosting the largest gala of their life. If you want to impress your guests, the contemporary/glamour theme may be a good choice. Referred to often as luxe weddings, this type of theme is all about powerful aesthetics and breathtaking displays. It is not uncommon to see high-end food trucks serving food, larger than life floral installations, and dancefloors complete with pyrotechnics.


It’s a safe bet that at least one summer wedding on your list will have a traditional theme. People love nostalgia and classic touches, and that affinity is what will always boost the popularity of traditional weddings. These weddings follow the traditional format of a wedding at a church followed by a reception at a dedicated center. Some couples opt for a garden ceremony if they are brave.

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Outdoor Weddings

Speaking of garden ceremonies, outdoor themes are becoming very popular as well. A large reason for this is because rustic themes work well in outdoor locations. It is also because outdoor weddings allow couples to take advantage of the natural beauty of an area and reduce the amount they spend on floral arrangements and other types of decor.


In a category by itself is the beach wedding, which takes an outdoor wedding up one more notch. With so much prime sandy white coasts, it is no surprise that Australians love beach themed weddings. While beach weddings require more planning and weather considerations, a beach wedding can be pulled off and is usually stunning. Beach wedding photography, in particular, tends to be breathtaking.

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Couples not ready to take on mother nature on the beach tend to be a little more willing to host a wedding at the vineyard. Vineyard weddings are becoming more popular every year and now about 20% of all wedding venues are wineries. The focus of a vineyard is not so much the wine, but instead the beautiful backdrop which takes care of all decorative needs in one swoop.

Boho Chic

Many people love the relaxed and laid back feel of a boho wedding, but still, maintain a bit of the romance of a wedding by choosing the boho-chic theme. A boho wedding incorporates the same traditional elements of a wedding but adds a bit more Bohemian flair to everything from the flowers down to the flower girls’ dresses.

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Vintage weddings tap into millennials’ adoration for nostalgia. While vintage weddings are not as popular as they once were, they still rank in the top ten wedding themes and can easily be combined with boho chic and rustic wedding themes.


So technically DIY is not a theme, but it is a new element of wedding planning and themes. With the availability of Pinterest and Instagram, more and more young brides are choosing to plan and decorate their own weddings to save money and show their creative sides.


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