Top 10 Trending Wedding Invitation Cards in Australia for Every Wedding Theme

Wedding invites? Please – you’ve got bigger fish to fry. Well, that’s what happy couples think until they realise wedding invitation cards are glimpses into the event itself. Whoops. Don’t fret because you can do what everyone in the 21st century does in their time of need and turn to the ‘Gram.

Here are the top 10 invites to help you get your floss on.

1. Living Coral

There is nothing like a mix of soft blues, oranges, and pinks to get guests ready for a wedding. This top trend of 2019 is an instant reminder of summer and gets the tongues wagging for an absolutely fabulous pre or post-Christmas bash. Plus, it takes regular nuptials to another level.

2. Eco-conscious

Typically, you wouldn’t let tree huggers get in the way of your big day but this time they’re here to help. Who knew? Using reinforced, recycle paper and card is one way to plan your wedding, save the planet and impress the guests. And, you can upcycle threads and different fabrics if you need an outlet for your creative juices. Tech geeks rejoice as the ultimate eco-conscious wedding invitation cards are digital ones. Hooray!

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3. Confetti Isn’t it for after the ceremony? Not anymore because you can offer everyone a preview by including it in the wedding invitation cards and envelopes. It totally goes against the eco option but, hey, it’s your big day. 4. Classic Classical invites are coming back in a big way. In fact, some would say they never left #deep. Light colours and clean lines are the way to peoples’ hearts, boys and girls. And, by hearts, we mean a look of shock and awe on their faces.      

























































































































































































































































































































































































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5. Layers








Layers work in lasagnas, they work in fashion, and now they work in wedding invitation cards. The reasoning is two-fold. First up, there is the texture factor. Adding different layers adds to the character and personality of the invite. Secondly, they look luxurious adorned with monograms, jewels, and metallic finishes.
























6. Mother Nature








She’s here and She’s ready for a good time! Gluing outdoor elements to cards is a fantastic way to incorporate a rustic feel while doubling down on the eco-friendly vibe. Oh, it’s inexpensive too considering you can grow your own/it was a popular trend in the 70s. Ah, the 70s.
























7. Scents








A wise owl once had an idea: using wedding candles. Now, it’s taken off in a major way and has become an excellent way to invoke imagery. I bet you never thought your wedding invitation cards would be scratch and sniff!
























8. Venue Lite
















Modern wedding invitation cards take on a vibe of the venue itself; for example, rustic invites and barns. You can do it for everything from vineyards to forests.
















































































































































































































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      9. Doodles Aspiring artists can use their skills to add a personal touch as well as heaps of marital character. And, we’re not talking about the hand-drawn picture of the bride and groom either! 10. Informality Last but not least is smart-casual. Not that you’re overly bothered because you’re so chill, but it’s an excellent way to reduce the stress of planning a wedding as well as setting the tone for the big day. Keep it informal with chatty colloquialisms and shortened first names.  

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