Looking for an extraordinary idea for your wedding? Why not set sail on a cruise wedding! A unique way of tying the knot, there are many advantages that come with getting married on a cruise ship. Say goodbye to the traditional ‘I do’s’ and say hello to a new way of forming that eternal bond with your partner. Unsure as to whether or not you will take the plunge and choose a cruise wedding? Here’s a list of just some of the advantages of having a cruise wedding to make that decision just a little easier:

1) A Cruise Wedding is much more affordable than hiring a venue

Getting married can be extremely expensive, no matter what age you decide to tie the knot. From the costly venue to the catering and buying your wedding dress, it can take years to save up for it. To help ease that cost, a cruise wedding can start at $249 per person (through Carnival for example). The affordability of this unique venue means that you can spend more on other aspects of your big day and can make sure that you have all your loved ones there!

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2) They come with wedding planners!

Your special day doesn’t have to be stressful. With a cruise wedding planner on hand, you can relax and enjoy your day with everything is taken care of. Coordinating the ceremony, reception, catering and more essential aspects, you can feel the stress ease and the weight come off of your shoulders – giving you more time to enjoy yourself on your wedding day.


3) It’s a vacation for you and all that attend your wedding day

A cruise wedding gives you and your guests the opportunity to feel like you are on holiday! Before you are whisked away on your honeymoon, a cruise wedding gives you the chance to enjoy breathtaking sea views and adds a fun element to the day for your guests.

Alternatively, you can combine your cruise wedding with your honeymoon – saving you money that would have been spent jetting off to another destination, it will continue the enjoyment of your wedding day.


4) You can also get married on a beach. Or another destination

If you want to combine a beach and a cruise wedding you can do so. Say you’re ‘I do’s’ on a golden beach with tranquil waters, then hop onto the cruise ship for your reception. An extraordinary combination, it will make your wedding day memories last forever. A beach isn’t the only option, however. How does getting married beside the awe-inspiring glaciers of Alaska sound?


5) You can choose a complete wedding package

By opting for a complete wedding cruise package, you not only get the designated wedding planner who is there to organize the day and a private venue, but also all of the wedding decor, your wedding cake and maybe even your honeymoon dinner and wine included. A stress-free alternative to booking everything separately, all of the details will be taken care of on your behalf.

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6) You can sometimes get married by the captain!

Many cruise wedding packages include the chance to get married when the ship is at sea by the captain. Something that you will never forget, it makes the day that bit more magical. Having the captain come down and give his blessings in front of your family and friends really is a picture-perfect moment and one that will blow the day out of the park!


7) You can get some incredible wedding photos

It’s important that on your big day, you have a reliable and professional wedding photographer. Capturing memories that last a lifetime, a cruise wedding offers a variety of breathtaking backdrops. From the tropical islands of the Caribbean to the beautiful skyscrapers of a city, your wedding photos will be magical – making you want to show them off to your loved ones when they are printed.

Getting married on a cruise ship is the ultimate way to exchange your vows. Offering you the chance to get married wherever you want in the world, everything you need is there waiting for you and taken care of. From Disney cruises to luxury cruise liners, the opportunities for a cruise wedding are endless.

When it comes to booking your cruise wedding, make sure that you read reviews and do your research – it’s your big day after all so you want it to be everything you’ve dreamed of. And when it comes to the day, sit back, relax and sail away on a cruise of a lifetime.