Ring trends change every time, and for a bride-to-be, it presents a chance to get the ring of their dreams while keeping up with what’s ‘in’ in the fashion scene. And, when getting an engagement ring, it’s vital to ensure that it’s timeless as it symbolizes the devotion, commitment, and promise of marriage between a couple. 

With more couples going with their gut when choosing designs, those traditional engagement rings are given up. And in 2022, a mix of trends can be seen as, in this time and age, there’s no one-size-fits-all for the ideal engagement ring. 

Here are the top engagement rings trends for the year 2022:

  1. Diamonds

The saying that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ has never been truer, especially in the ring industry. Diamonds have always been the main choice for engagement rings, and even with emerging trends, they’ve been able to maintain their status. You can never really go wrong with diamonds, as they’ll always stand out from all the other stones and gems. 

As a result, take time and choose a diamond engagement ring depending on your preferred cut, colour, carat, and clarity. In addition, diamond engagement rings, such as Dracakis engagement rings, now come in different shapes and can be customized into whatever you like  

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  1. Big And Dazzling Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, bigger is better, and that’s why more couples are craving grand designs. A big ring may boast bold shapes that aren’t common but are guaranteed to turn heads. In addition, most people choose larger diamonds with better clarity features that make the ring shine brighter.

The significant increase in halo cuts by a large percentage also suggests that more people embrace bolder designs. As a result, this trend may remain on top this year or become timeless due to its key features. 

  1. Gender-Neutral Rings

Gone are when marriage was only limited to people of different genders. With different reforms and same-sex marriages being legalized in different places globally, people of the same gender are finally able to tie the knot.

As a result, there’s been a growth in gender-neutral rings, with more than just same-sex couples opting for them. When gender-neutral engagement rings are mentioned, most people think of simple bands that are neither masculine nor feminine. However, that’s far from the case as these rings consider different factors. Most importantly, such rings give you the freedom to put your twist on traditional engagement rings. 

  1. Contoured Stacks

Another engagement ring trend that has grown in popularity is the stacked style, allowing customers to creatively come up with shapes and combos for their engagement rings. By choosing contoured stacks, you’ll be able to make a statement by uniquely highlighting the centre gem. 

In addition, these rings can be contoured to fit with your wedding ring eventually. As a result, settle for U-shaped or V-shaped rings as these provide beyond the basic straight and narrow bands. Try and experiment with different metals and stones to avoid going more traditional. 

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  1. Oval Shapes

These shapes have seen a boost in popularity and may continue gaining momentum in 2022, especially with more celebrities donning them. Oval-shaped engagement rings may draw attention to one’s hand and may lengthen the appearance of the fingers. 

In addition, this shape has risen in popularity since it provides more coverage, making the stone appear bigger. In addition, oval-shaped engagement rings are functional as they don’t have sharp angles or corners, making them less prone to chipping than other fancy shapes.  

  1. Colorful Gems

Colored stones are doing great in the engagement ring market, with more couples embracing the bold and bright colors that’ll represent their love stories. And although diamonds have been topping the market, young couples are increasingly choosing colorful gems.

And the main factor that makes colorful gems trending is their uniqueness, which resonates with most people. In addition, these colorful stones have connotations and meanings behind them, making them fashionable while still being affordable.  

  1. Multi-Stone Creations

Multi-stone rings usually have three to five stones set onto one band to maximize the sparkle. Most people opt for this trend as they move from the subtle diamond to more glittering and bold stones or diamonds. 

With multi-stone creations, you can get them to be stylish by going for an asymmetrical arrangement. Each stone you choose may have a meaning or symbolize something greater in your relationship and future marriage. 

  1. Vintage-Inspired Details

If you love vintage engagement rings and can’t find an heirloom piece, you can still recreate the style you want. It may be hard to get an original vintage piece that’s been around for twenty years or longer, especially if it hasn’t been in the family. 

The beauty of vintage-inspired rings is that you can choose to add a different band, diamond shape, or cut to update a timeless piece. You’ll be able to create your style while still standing out and remaining unique. 

  1. Sustainable Materials

The need for sustainability has erupted, with most companies embracing sustainable materials to make eco-friendly products. And, the ring industry hasn’t been left behind in producing more ethical diamonds and stones.

As a result, most couples settle for alternative diamonds, including lab-created diamonds and recycled diamonds. The need for sustainable material has boosted this trend and has seen people recycle diamond engagement rings by removing them from the original setting and then having them recut and repolished. 

Bottom LineKnowing the engagement ring trends of the current year will be vital when making a choice, especially when one of your priorities is to not look outdated. In addition to that, by knowing the pieces that are worth looking into in the present times, you’ll be getting a glimpse of what suits your personality, cost, and aesthetic. Having said that, before settling for any trend, consider how easy it is to manage it and how it looks on you. Not all types of rings will suit you—make sure to go for one that you genuinely want.