Top Stores For Bridal Jewellery In Sydney

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Aside from having all eyes on you, your wedding photo look is guaranteed to earn a place in every home you own. It’s, therefore, no wonder that we take plenty of time over our wedding-day appearances, and finding a bridal jewellery is a big part of that. To make sure you get this right, you’re going to want to find the best Sydney-based bridal jewellery shops. Luckily, we’ve got a few recommendations for you.


Michael Hill Jewellery


With a solid 5-star rating on Easy Weddings, many would argue that Michael Hill Jewellery is the best bridal option in the Sydney area. Founded way back in 1979, the Michael Hill team is made up of master craftsmen, each famed for their timeless creations. The quality on offer will be evident the moment you step inside the stylish George Street Sydney store. You can bet that classy pieces from this top name won’t let you down on the day.


You can find them here


Hearts on Fire


If that brand name doesn’t sound like the perfect wedding day pick, then we don’t know what does! The Castlereagh Street Hearts on Fire store in Sydney sells everything from striking diamond wedding bands through to all diamond necklaces. With a focus on sourcing the most pristine diamonds on earth, your heart is undoubtedly sure to set on fire for the pieces on offer. 


You can find them here


Moi Moi


Your wedding day is all about you (and your husband-to-be!), so why not invest in some Moi Moi jewellery to mark the occasion? Known for exquisite fine jewellery, this brand only started life in 2004 but has already made significant ripples as a top Sydney spot for bridal jewellery. With a particular focus on moissanite pieces, you can expect diamonds with extra sparkle, all at affordable price points. That’s two ticks in the wedding-day box, and a good incentive to visit the George Street store.


You can find them here


Fletcher & Grace


Specialising in bridal jewellery and accessories, Fletcher and Grace is another top Sydney choice. With materials including pearls, cubic zirconia, and diamond simulants, they’re sure to have something to compliment any bride. Whether you’re after a veil or some earrings for the big day, you’re sure to find it here. Even better, every Fletcher & Grace piece is guaranteed to stand the test of time. That means you’ll always get more than just wedding wear from these top quality jewellery options. 


You can find them here


David Parums


For brides who don’t fancy a diamond-encrusted day, David Parums offers wedding jewellery with a difference. Blending his experience as both a knifemaker and jeweller, David Parums creates rings unlike any you’ll see elsewhere. Using Damascus steel, tantalum, and titanium, his offerings are a definite step away from the traditional. If you’re aiming for an industrial vibe on your big day, though, it’s challenging to think of a better Sydney jeweller for the job. Even better, Parums’ neutral designs mean that you could stock up on rings for yourself and your husband-to-be in one easy place.


You can find them here


Bridal Blue


While you most definitely won’t want to be a blue bride on your big day, Bridal Blue’s Sydney boutique is sure to have something for you. Creatively directed by Amy Leigh Assaad, this is the one-stop-shop for all bridal headpieces. After conducting a consultation in their Sydney studio, they provide 100% custom made headpieces to suit the needs of any bride. If you’re after jewellery that works with your outfit rather than the other way around, then look no further. 


You can find them here


Parade Jewellers


First opened in 1985, Sydney’s leading diamond store is guaranteed to have the goods for a great look on your wedding day. Whether you want to remodel a family heirloom piece or design a brand new diamond-encrusted jewel from scratch, this is the place to do it. As if that weren’t enough, Parade Jewellers also provide you peace of mind through their independent certification, an annual clean and polish, and a lifetime guarantee to boot. 


You can find them here


Angelina Alvarez


Angelina Alvarez is one of Australia’s most sought after bridal jewellers at the moment, and her Sydney location ensures your day can benefit from her designs. With European-inspired pieces on offer, this is a sure way to add a touch of fashion-fit class to your outfit on the big day. Even better, every single handcrafted creation uses 24kt gold. Alvarez also hand picks every gemstone based on its unique texture and colour, meaning you can always guarantee no other bride has a piece quite like it. 


You can find them here


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