Ultimate Guide to Writing and Delivering Speeches for Weddings

Toasts and speeches are one of the biggest highlights of every wedding. It might be overwhelming to write and deliver, but one thing is for sure, once you are there and you finish delivering it, everything will fall into place. If you are looking for a perfect guide to help you provide your toast and speeches for weddings, then you stumble on the right website.

Wedding Speeches and Toast Arrangement

As shocking as it can be, wedding speeches and toast have their own arrangement of people who are dear to your heart individually. It usually starts with the host calling the visitors’ attention and then passing the mic to the couple to welcome and thank the friends and family who came to the wedding. After that, it traditionally goes in order of parents, maid of honor, and best man. 

You can also ask at least one or two of your sponsors who are dear to your heart to share their journey with you as a couple.

When Do Speeches and Toasts Happen?

You might be wondering when speeches and toasts happen. Speeches and toast are given at the wedding reception. It can be before or after dinner when everyone is already full and having fun. If you plan an intimate wedding, you can share your speeches and toast during mealtime.

How to Write Speeches for Weddings?

Looking for a guide on how to write speeches for an upcoming wedding? Then here are some helpful steps to guide you in writing your speech. After reading this, you can grab your pen and paper and start scribbling words.

  1. Write Your Thoughts

Write each thought that comes to your mind, and have the mindset that every word counts. You can put it into bullets or numerical order, then sort them out later — you can choose what you like and don’t like. You can do it on scratch paper or your phone’s notepad.

  1. Arrange Your Ideas

You can enumerate or put your thoughts in bullet form to easily see and choose ideas you will include in the speech or toast. Consider writing according to the wedding theme or sequence of the couple’s journey together. You can write about the couple as a whole or one for the groom and one for the bride. 

  1. Start Writing the Speech

As soon as you have enough thoughts and ideas, as well as sorting them out, you can start writing your speech. Never worry about editing or erasing. You don’t have to worry about using the spacebar if you are typing on your laptop or cellphone. This will allow you to freely complete the speech.

  1. Add some Fun

A little smile and laugh won’t hurt, so add some humor to at least lessen the tension and seriousness in the ground. If you are worrying about doing it, remind yourself that not everyone in the crowd knows the bride and groom. One thing to make sure of is to be sensitive to the jokes that you will share.

  1. Revise

You have completed all the steps and can now start revising your speech. Make sure to read your toast out loud so you can point out the words to remove and the grammars to fix. Make sure to consider the intonations, breaks, and tone while reading, as there are circumstances in which the audience might laugh or shed a tear. 

How to Deliver a Wedding Speech?

Let’s now build your confidence as you enter the part where you will deliver the speech. Here are the six steps you can follow to deliver your wedding speech effectively.

  1. Practice Your Speech Ahead

Be sure to read and practice your speech before the wedding. As much as possible, read your speech out loud or ask a friend who can critique your work. This can help you remove or add thoughts to make your speech effective.

  1. Remember that It’s Not About You

We all know that we love talking about ourselves, but you must remind yourself that the day is not all about you. The speech must focus on the bride and groom. Your part is to share your experience with the couple and their journey together.

  1. Gather Your Confidence

Not everyone has in-store self-confidence. Some take days or even months to utilize it. So, as much as possible, practice reading your speech out loud to build your confidence. Gather all your strength, looking for a way to tone down your shyness or to convert your attention.

  1. Deliver With Eye Contact to the Crowd

Another way to convince people is by looking into their eyes. Sharing your journey with the couple while having direct eye contact with the crowd shows sincerity and genuine support for the two. So, practice looking at people’s eyes whenever you have a chance.

  1. Make Your Voice Clear

This might not look important, but clearly delivering your speech will gather the visitor’s attention. No one will make you repeat your message, and you will win the couple’s hearts.

  1. Smile and Enjoy

And down to the most important thing to keep in mind — enjoy and smile. Sharing a speech or toast is a once—in—a—lifetime experience—you might as well enjoy yourself by shedding a tear with the couple or having a laugh with them.

Write and Deliver Stunning Speeches for Wedding

Your speech is not the star quote of the event. But always remember, if you create a good one and deliver it well, the couple and guest will remember it always. So, you must be realistic, have fun, and help the wedding become excellent. 

Wedding speeches and toast might shake you to the core, maybe because it’s your first time or you have social anxiety making you fold in half. But with the help of this guide, I hope you will be able to write and deliver stunning speeches for weddings. One thing to remember is to have fun and make the couple laugh and cry with your speech!
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