You may have just got engaged, had the ring on, stars in your eyes and have many different emotions. And the first thing that crosses your mind is how on earth do we start wedding planning? 

Wedding planning has many tasks and details to take care of, which is overwhelming. However, the job will become more fun and less stressful if you give yourself enough time to create a structured wedding to do list. If you’re worried about your soon-to-be wedding, you’re in for a treat. We have made the ultimate wedding to-do checklist for your special day.

wedding to do list for austrlian weddings
ultimate wedding to do list

Why is it Essential to Create a Wedding to do list

Undoubtedly, your wedding is one of the much-awaited events in your life. Thus, a million little details must be remembered and taken care of while planning a wedding. That is why creating a wedding to-do list is essential. With all these details to remember, creating a to-do list will help you keep track of and manage everything. 

1 Year Before Wedding

A year before the wedding might be far from the awaited event. However, some things to prepare require ample time to plan.

Identify your Budget

Identifying your budget is essential to consider in the pre-planning stage of your wedding. You and your pair must determine your target budget so you can start allocating funds. Although setting a target budget will keep you away from overspending, please remember that costs may change as you go on with the preps. That’s why creating a spreadsheet is advisable to help you keep track of spending and adjust numbers easily.

Consult a Wedding Planner

Consulting a wedding planner is optional and will depend on your budget. However, always remember that hiring one is always a steal of a deal. Wedding planners will make your planning smoother and more manageable. They will guide you in decision-making, from selecting a venue, tracking your expenses and handling other aspects of the wedding. 

List Out Your Guest

Making a guest list is part of the planning, and you have to decide your headcount that is within your budget. As much as you want to invite every single friend you have, always remember that you have a budget to consider. Only list those who are close to you and your partner’s heart.

Decide on your Wedding Theme

One of the most exciting parts of planning is deciding your wedding theme. Although you have lots of ideas, this is still something that must be mutually agreed upon. Remember that your theme should reflect both of your personalities.

Start Searching for Wedding Venues

Determining your wedding venue should be one of the most critical decisions a year before the wedding day. It is crucial to plan the wedding venue as it may affect the big day if not properly selected. Research wedding venues that fit your guest count, style, and budget.

Process all the Paper Works

Ultimately processing wedding requirements is a hassle and stressful. Ensure that all requirements are processed ahead of time to avoid trouble so that you can focus on the wedding planning itself.

9 Months Before the Wedding

I know this is still far ahead; however, a little bit of pressure is tickling you inside already. Don’t worry. Just stick with the plan.

Book Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

By now, it’s essential to secure a photography and videography team that will cover your wedding. Photography services are usually fully booked, especially if it is wedding season, so it’s practical to book ahead for a hassle-free transaction.

Shop Your Wedding Attire

And now, one of the most exciting parts of this planning is selecting wedding attire. It’s recommended that at this point, you and your soon-to-spouse must already have the desired attire for your upcoming wedding. If you already have the budget, buy those attire ahead of time.

Create Invitations

Let your guest know the official date and venue of your wedding by sending invitations. Your guest list makes it easier to determine how many invitations to send out for hard and digital copies. Also, make sure to indicate an RSVP on the invitations.

Secure Your Wedding Venue

After researching possible and potential wedding venues, it is time to book the place to avoid the hassle. Make sure the venue you choose can accommodate the guests, match your wedding theme, and, of course, fit your budget.

Book Your Family and Guests

Part of a great wedding experience for guests is to have a comfortable and convenient place to rest before or after the celebration. Ensure to secure a room for your family, entourage, relatives, and friends. However, it would be best to determine whether this is a part of your budget. If not, let them know that they will handle the expense.

Reserve a Caterer

Good food makes the wedding experience way better. That is why reserving a caterer by this time is very practical. In fact, the earlier, the better. However, you must determine whether your venue offers an in-house catering service. If not, you may outsource wedding caterers near your venue.  

6 Months Before the Wedding

Oh, and the day starts to move faster, and the pressure you feel is getting more intense, making you feel a bit overwhelmed. 

Select Your Entourage Attire

After determining and selecting your wedding theme, part of it is to identify what colors, types, and styles of attire and accessories your entourage will wear. Once decided, let them know so they have ample time to prepare.

Hire Other Suppliers

This is also the time to hire other wedding suppliers. Florists, bands, sound and lighting technicians, and designers are some of the vendors you must consider hiring. Make sure you meet with them to ask for a quotation and carefully screen essential details to determine whether it falls on your budget, style, and standard.

Meet Your Officiant

All this planning would be worthwhile if you remembered to secure an officiant. Whether a priest, a pastor or anyone who can officiate your union, make sure to meet them and discuss your wedding plan. Building a rapport with someone who will make your wedding official and legal is essential.

Register for Gifts

Building a life and home with your soon-to-be spouse is an exciting part of married life. Thus, on your wedding day, I’m sure you two talk about the gifts you and your partner want to register. When registering, asking for essentials, such as bed sheets, pots, pans, and other valuable things at home, is brilliant. However, it is better to register something you and your partner desire. 

3 Months Before the Wedding

Three months before the wedding day, the pressure is absolutely real now. You might already feel some wedding jitters, but don’t worry. You’re right on track.

Rent Transportation

Wedding transportation is costly, and if you allocate a budget for a bridal car, you have to book it now. You may also book for your family and friends if needed. Again, this is optional, depending on your budget.

Start Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling helps you and your partner prepare for marriage and is intended to discuss essential matters- from finances to children- so that both of you are on the same page. It can also help couples create a blueprint for their lives together.

Ensure all Documents are Ready

If you still need to process a wedding requirement, you must settle it now. Your wedding day is just around the corner.

Start Writing Your Vows

Do you want to write your promises, love, and dreams to your partner? You can write a draft for now and finalize it a bit later. It’s your chance to tell your story, give guests a peek into what makes your relationship strong, and share meaningful words with your partner.

Finalize Everything with Your Suppliers

After meeting with your wedding suppliers, you should finalize everything by this time. It would be best to do food tasting and hair and make-up trials to avoid conflict on the wedding day. Moreover, it is also essential to start rehearsing the entourage at the church and the reception venue as it helps to give a structured and organized wedding ceremony.  

Buy Wedding Bands

Wedding bands remind you of your devotion and commitment to your spouse, which is the most important thing you should not forget before the wedding day. However, you should avoid buying far away ahead of time since your ring finger size might change as the day approaches.

Book Your Honeymoon

After being united as a married couple, it’s necessary to nourish your new marriage, spend quality time together, bond, relax, and rest. You two should identify where you want to spend your honeymoon, look for affordable deals and promos within your expected budget and book it ahead of time.

2 Months Before the Wedding

By now, your wedding planning should at least reach 70% completion. Your wedding day is fast approaching, and hey! There’s no turning back now.

Follow up on RSVPs

Follow up on RSVPs to know which of your guests will and won’t be attending your wedding. Remind them to answer a month before the wedding. Hence, this is very helpful as it gives you accurate head counts for your vendors and enables you to create table assignments for your guests.

Get Your Marriage License

The fine print and the most critical part is the marriage license signing; this document legally binds you. It is crucial to know where to go, what the necessary documents are, the cost, and how long it will take and last. You must also research those requirements, whether your wedding destination is domestic or international. Ensure that documents are signed by the two of you, your witnesses, and your officiant.

Submit Your Song Selection to the Band or DJ

The choice of music from the church up to the wedding reception will set the event’s mood. That‘s why you must prepare your favorite list of songs you want to be played at your wedding and submit it to your live band or DJ. 

Buy all Accessories and Extras

Small details such as accessories and extras will complete your wedding. Undergarments, decorations, guest books, cake stands, toppers, baskets, and the like are part of this big event of your life. Therefore, you must remember these little extras.

Purchase Wedding Souvenirs

Remember to purchase wedding favors for your guests, as this is a sign of saying thank you to them. Whether big or small, it’s still a token of appreciation for them.

1 Month Before Wedding

Honey, this is the last month before the wedding, and I know everything stresses you out. So take a rest and pause from time to time. Don’t worry. Your hard work will pay off after your wedding.

Meet Your Wedding Planner for Updates

Meet with your wedding planner for updates on what you have accomplished. Finalize seating arrangement, design, entrance to the reception, and the program. Ensure that your wedding planner follows up with the other vendors. 

Pay All Your Balances

Ensure that you settle all your balances to your vendors before the wedding. This will give you relief and focus on your wedding day. Be a responsible wedding client. 

Visit Your Venue

Another thing to check is your wedding venue. Don’t forget to do a final ocular visit before the big event. It’s best to know exactly how it looks to visualize a great wedding experience with the people close to your heart. You may invite your wedding planner and vendors so they know how to work on the venue.

Finalize Your Wedding Vows

Finalize and polish your wedding vows. You may practice and rehearse your words of promises to your spouse and ensure that the words written are genuine and sincere.

Final Week Before Wedding

After almost a year of wedding preparation, this is the final week, and it’s time to rest, relax, and pamper yourself.

Pamper Up

Most of the hard work is over, and it’s time to pamper yourself. So, refresh your hair color, get your nails and eyebrows done, have a massage, and do the final dress fitting. Ensure you are fresh and relieved on your wedding day.

Take a Glance at Your Checklist

Check your wedding to-do list from time to time; it’s most important to check it at least one week before the wedding. Check if things need to be included, and contact your wedding planner to fix minor mishaps. 

Prepare Your Stuff

Slowly pack your things up for the upcoming event. Make sure not to forget anything essential. You may ask your siblings or friends to help you prepare your items. It is also helpful if you pack for your upcoming honeymoon as well.

Wedding Day

Congratulations! Your big day is finally here. All that careful preparation and creative planning have come to pay off, and it’s time to enjoy the wedding. I know you feel nervous, and we can’t blame you. However, at this point, you have to give yourself peace of mind. So, eat breakfast, drink water, relax, and calm down. Smile and let your wedding planners and coordinators sort things out for you.

Make Your Wedding Work According to Plan

The most beautiful moment of your life has finally become a reality, thanks to the wedding to-do list we have prepared for you. Wedding planning is long and tedious, but everything will be under control if you make an organized and structured list. 

I hope this guide has helped you plan, sort things out, and relax during your wedding preparations. Don’t forget to enjoy your single season before you transition.