Vows for Wedding: The Only Guide you Need

Wedding vows add more magic and highlight the genuine love of the couple for each other. The intimate words you will share with your partner will ignite love in your family and friends. 

Your vows for wedding are a public declaration of commitment, promises, and love. And nothing beats a personalized wedding vow in showing thoughtfulness and willingness of your love to your partner. So, whether you’re having a big celebration or an elopement wedding, having a great vow is essential.

If you plan to make your Wedding vows personalized just like the other modern couples, then you stumbled upon the right wedding article. We will unravel the way how to write exceptional vows for weddings. 

vows for wedding

Why Your Wedding Vow is Essential

We all know that a Wedding holds a lot of value to couples. It binds two bodies in one soul as they go through life’s journey together. A wedding vow is essential because it is a public declaration of doting love to your partner in front of people who are dear to your heart.

If that reason wasn’t enough, then we’ve got more for you.

It is a Sacred Promise to Your Partner

The naked and selfless part of you inspires every word that you will share on your vows for wedding. This only shows how willing you are to be with the one you love through life’s good times and hardships. It is a sacred promise that no one should be able to take away between you and your partner – a promise that should not be broken and shaken by any situation given to you in life.

It’s an Expression of Your Feelings

Whether you believe it or not, a wedding vow is one of the best ways to express how dedicated and in love you are with your partner. It is a direct confession of lifelong dedication to building a life together. This is the best time to give your partner the assurance she deserves as you enter another season of life together. 

It’s a Storytelling of Your Love

We all know that everything is being documented on your Wedding right from the moment you got engaged down to the special day of your life. People might find the gown, cake, venue, and food the highlight of the Wedding, but the wedding vow holds a special place on your wedding day. It is one of the best things you can show your future children as a summary of the first chapter of your life.

Tips on How to Write Your Vows for Wedding

People might think that vows for wedding require many heartwarming promises or that they must be poetic to make them memorable. However, as long as it is simple, genuine, and comes from the heart, then it’s good to make your husband or wife shed a tear. Here are some helpful tips on writing your wedding vow.

  1. Write Ahead of Time

We all know that time is precious. You might spend your past six months sitting around and working with several vendors regarding your wedding, and little did you know there is little time left to write your wedding vow. The best way to avoid this is to start writing your vows for wedding a few months ahead of your wedding. You can write it on your phone’s notepad or scratch paper and put it together before your wedding day.

  1. Get an Inspiration

The best way to spark an idea in writing your vows for wedding is through reading, watching or listening to other people’s works of art. You could add a poem, song, or quote that relates to your journey. You can also rely on children’s books as they show deep and complex emotions using pure and simple words.

  1. Share a Story

Don’t be afraid to share a brief story of your relationship from when you laid your eyes on each other to your first date — as this is the best way to summarize your journey together. Highlight each moment you shared laughter and tears. Make sure that it’s enlightening and honoring for both of you.

  1. Be Sentimental

We assure you that it’s fine to be sentimental, and there’s nothing wrong with shedding a tear or two. As everyone knows, this is the best time to share your big emotions towards your partner. This only conveys that you have been together for so long and are entering a new chapter of life together.

  1. Add a Little Humor

Despite being emotional, you can still make it fun by throwing jokes at each other or bringing up funny moments you shared. That way, you can at least enlighten the mood of your guest. Just make sure that the jokes are not offensive and are for fun only.

  1. Revise. Revise. Revise.

After writing all your thoughts in a draft, make sure you revise or update it a month before your big day. Add some intimate or joyful moments that you shared lately or remove some word that is too vague for everyone. This is one of the best perks of writing your vows for wedding months before your wedding because you have all your time to edit it.

  1. Practice Beforehand

We don’t aim for perfection in delivering your vows, but there is nothing wrong in practicing it out loud to spot the grammar that needs some fixing and add missing words to make it sound amazing. You should also practice reading it with emotions, adding breaks for laughs or wiping tears, and intonations. Keep on practicing or, if possible, memorize. 

  1. Share it with a Trusted Someone

You still need someone to hear your wedding vow so that they can point out what is wrong or where to place the right emotion. You can share it with someone you trust, just like your best man or maid of honor. Just make sure that you have room for criticism.

Let Your Vows for Wedding Become Memorable

Writing a personalized wedding vow is quite overwhelming. Still, once you get hold of it and start to register the emotions you feel towards your partner, everything will fall into its place. After all, what you have in your mind is the excitement to get married to the love of your life. 

Aside from that, vows for wedding are one of the highlights of your Wedding; that’s why you need to make it memorable, exciting, and worth listening to. Keep in mind that this is something that your videography team will record as part of your keepsake.

Share your love, joy, and commitment with your personalized vows for wedding.

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