Under the Sea: A Magical Wedding at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Growing up, we always dreamed about a fairytale wedding in a picturesque setting. If you’re fascinated by aquatic lifeforms, chances are your dream wedding is at an aquarium. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium allows you to experience this fairytale wedding.

If having an aquarium wedding is one of the items on your bucket list, the next thing to figure out is the factors involved in making it possible. Things like function rooms, what to prepare, and how to make your once-in-a-lifetime experience stand out in an aquarium setting. 

Aquarium weddings are popular in Australia, and SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is one of the best venues. By reading about the different factors involved in making your dream wedding come true, you, too, can get the most out of your SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium experience. 

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How to Choose the Best Function Space at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium 

With friends and family coming over to witness your special moment, you’d need ample space to accommodate all of them. Luckily for you, there are many functional areas in the venue, such as: 

The Oceanarium

Enjoy your special day surrounded by aquatic lifeforms and calming blue water. This function room is the quintessential SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium experience and what your dream aquarium wedding fantasies are made of. 

This room can accommodate 100 seated guests or pack in 200 standing guests. If you plan on having a mid-sized reception, this room is your perfect choice. With the stunning water and various aquatic lifeforms as your backdrop, your wedding will be memorable. 

The Coral Atoll

With an aquarium prominently featuring a fantastic coral reef as the centerpiece, the Coral Atoll function room is a sight to behold. The white walls, pillars, and black marble flooring balance the room’s motif and make everything pop. 

This room can accommodate 350 seated or 600 standing guests, making it a perfect choice for a large wedding. To top it all off, you can see the aquarium’s famed saltwater crocodile in their Croc-Lair exhibit. 

Don your best Crocodile Dundee hat, and get ready to tussle with the majestic crocodile when you choose this function room. 

The Antarctic Ice Bar

Choose the Antarctic Ice Bar function room to take “chilling” to a new level. Be greeted by a replica of penguins climbing a cliff and jumping into the water while you celebrate your love. This room is guaranteed to amuse those young and young at heart. 

If you’re planning an intimate wedding, the Antarctic Ice Bar seats 60 guests and can accommodate 150-200 standing guests. With everything this room has to offer, it is truly something you have to experience. 

The Rainforest Room

Take Brazil, put it in Australia, and the Rainforest Room is what you get. If you enjoy the allure of rainforests, then this room’s tree decorations, lighting, and wooden furniture will put you in the right mood. 

This room is perfect for mid-sized celebrations and can seat 70 or 200 standing guests. The overall atmosphere of this room is something else. The Rainforest Room awaits your arrival if you want to experience a relaxed and somewhat mysterious celebration. 

The Yarra Room

Quaint, classy, and with a fantastic view of the Yarra River, the Yarra Room is an excellent choice if you want to keep things simple. This room has a window that gives you a great view of the Yarra River, emphasizing the relaxed atmosphere of the room. 

As for the seating, this room can accommodate 100 seated or 200 standing guests. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to sit in those riverside restaurants or cafes in Venice? By choosing the Yarra Room, you won’t have to wonder anymore. 

How to Prepare for Your Melbourne Aquarium Wedding

After deciding which function room to go for, the next course of action should be about your preparations. Ensuring that different aspects of your wedding are all taken care of will make the whole experience much smoother. 

Here are some of the preparations you need to do for your Melbourne aquarium wedding: 

  1. Set an Appropriate Theme

Having a specific theme will give your wedding structure. Additionally, setting a theme will allow you to pick the perfect room for your wedding. Is the Oceanarium more appealing to you and your partner? Then, you should build around that theme and match your colors to that room. 

  1. Check Your Preferred Packages

The SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium offers different packages to suit every discerning taste. Since the customer’s preferences are the number one priority, you can choose from these equally impressive packages: 

Timeless Packages

Choose from three packages, the Raw, Chic, and Luxe, each with unique features that set them apart. Raw gives you the complete package, from appetizers to your wedding cake. Chic has extras like an antipasto station, a gold beverage package, and a tea and coffee station. 

Finally, enjoy the Luxe package that includes everything the previous two packages offer, with the added feature of choosing your premium centerpiece. 

Globally Inspired

This package lets you switch the menu to an Indian or Asian-inspired selection. Furthermore, there is also the option for a Greek or plant-based menu. All the food is also Halal and Kosher-friendly, so everyone can enjoy your special day. 

The Big ‘I Dos’

Hold your ceremony in either the Oceanarium or the Antarctica room. You’ll also get to enjoy exciting additions, such as ivory or black carpet, a ceremony rehearsal, 60 black chairs, and a signing table with chairs when you get this package. 

Post Ceremony

Choose from three fantastic packages for a more casual post-ceremony celebration. The Light package includes 2 warm and 2 cold menu items from a limited menu, and the silver bev package includes your usual choices for drinks like wine, beer, soft drink, juice, and water. 

The substantial package gives you 3 warm and 3 cold menu items from the classic menu and a grazing station. The silver bev package is also included in the considerable package. Lastly, the premium package includes 3 warm and 3 cold menu items from the premium menu. 

The premium package also comes with the premium bev selection. This selection includes red and white wines, 2 full-strength beers, soft drinks, juice, and water. 

  1. Be on Time

The time is strict, so ensure you arrive on time to maximize it. Just as you would arrive early for a church wedding, you should ensure that your arrival for your aquarium wedding gives you enough time for various preparations. 

  1. Hire a Wedding Transpo

Staying on the topic of being on time and hiring transportation for you and your family is generally a great idea. You can also ask your guests if they want to book wedding transportation at their own expense. That way, everyone is on time, and you’d have more time to enjoy yourself at the venue. 

  1. Always Communicate with Your Coordinators or Planners

Wedding coordinators are there for a reason. It’s their job to worry about different things so you can focus on your wedding. That said, communicating with them constantly allows you to stay on track and ensure they don’t stray too far from the plan. 

Having an open line of communication between you and the coordinators will help you and them. You can expect a smooth wedding celebration when everything is firing on all cylinders. 

How To Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Pictures make special moments last forever, so it’s only natural to want them to stand out. By following these tips, the special moments captured by cameras will be even more special: 

  1. Coordinate with Your Photographers

Coordinating with your photographers lets you tell them about your preferences and vision. They can mix their vision with yours by discussing your preferred style and shots to produce technically sound yet aesthetically appealing photos.

  1. Explore the Venue

Take time to explore the aquarium and find hidden gems for photo opportunities. Some examples include the underwater tunnel, the penguin exhibit, and the shipwreck exhibit. By taking the less traveled roads, you can produce unique pictures. 

  1. Maximize the Marine Life View

Make use of the aquarium’s marine life to add visual interest to your photos. For example, pose with a school of fish swimming in the background or get close to a coral reef. These factors will make your pictures more vibrant and reinforce the atmosphere you’re going for. 

  1. Play with Reflections

Many of the aquarium’s tanks and exhibits are made of glass, which provides the opportunity for unique reflection shots. Experiment with angles to capture reflections of you and your partner with marine life.

  1. Experiment With the Lighting

The aquarium is naturally dimly lit, but there are spots where natural light floods in, such as the Oceanarium. Utilize these spots and experiment with different lighting techniques to create stunning photos.

Make Your Wedding Magical at Melbourne Aquarium

Aquarium weddings are slowly becoming all the rage in Australia, and the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is one of the best destinations for them. With many options for your room and food packages, your fairytale aquarium wedding is easier to achieve. 

If you want to make your once-in-a-lifetime experience even more memorable, the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is the perfect place.

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