Wedding Barber Guide: Tips for Selecting the Perfect Stylist for Your Big Day

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Wedding Planning Tips

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Thanks to the glee and glamour that accompany wedding days, they are one of the most anticipated events in one’s lifetime. And if your big day is ahead, you’re likely to be concerned about getting that wedding signature look. Chances are that you’ll create a mental picture of virtually everything about D-Day, starting from your look. Now, just as your accessories, suit piece, and shoes are vital, your haircut reveals a lot about your personality. This will help you define your haircut goals, and correspondingly take an intentional approach in choosing your barber.

So, if it means visiting the barber shop or inviting a barber over, it’s worth it. On that note, down below is a guide on how to choose the perfect barber for a nice wedding haircut.

Getting A Barber

  1. You can ask around for recommendations, particularly from men with great and admirable haircuts. Be sure to get two or more recommendations.
  2. Surf online for the closest barbershop to your residence. Google has a map feature that can help with that.
  3. You can ask for barbers who offer home services if there are other pressures to attend to, and you can’t leave your home.

That said, check out these important tips:

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  1. Create Expectations

You should create basic expectations for any friseur you come by. For example, a good barber should consider your hair color, type, texture, and suitable hair products in parity with your preferred wedding hairstyle. This connotes that he/she is expected to ask the right questions most professionally before a haircut.

  1. Give A Test

If your wedding is miles away, you can consider giving your newly-found barber a test. This will help you measure his/her competence in the job. In light of this, you may ask for a simple fade, a low-cut, or a beard style.

But if you’re a few days away from your big day, you can allow him/her to shape your hair or trim your sideburns and your beards.

While on the job, note his/her professional touches. For instance, a good barber is expected to ask for feedback after a session.

  1. Conduct an Interview

Experts recommend that you direct your questions toward the barber’s experience and personality. It is necessary to confirm if he or she has been there for long, as you’d not like to be an experiment, or whether he/she is a newbie. It’s necessary also to evaluate the estimated number of customers that troop in daily, and how he/she manages them all in time. These tips contribute to your evaluation of his skillfulness and experience.

  1. Look for Confidence

It starts with evaluating his/her demeanor on your first handshake. His/her confidence level reveals his/her competence on the job. This doesn’t necessarily endorse an aura of arrogance. All it takes are excellent communication skills, friendliness, and professionalism in conversation.

  1. Evaluate the Shop’s Cleanliness

A barber’s approach to cleanliness rubs off on the atmosphere of the barbershop. It is almost impossible for an unhygienic barber to keep up with a neat shop. Definitely, you don’t want to submit your hair in a place perforated with lice.

Furthermore, you should check how organized and complete the barbering tools are. It matters how the barber pays attention to details.

  1. Make Background Checks

Thanks to social media, you can check out the barbershop’s website for comments and reviews by previous customers. You can equally search around, and ask for recommendations for alternative barbershops so you won’t put all your eggs in a basket.

Wrapping Up

Note: these tips are applicable before, during, and after picking an option. What’s more, you should consider choosing your go-to man through this guide a few months before your wedding. Most times, it is difficult to come by a perfect choice when your wedding is just around the corner. Because the lapses caused by the pressure of late timing may be irredeemable while your wedding day is imminent. Also, you can check this post on 7 wedding favor ideas your guests will absolutely love.