Top 5 Wedding Car Hire Vendors in Wollongong

One of the most expensive events in your life is your wedding. And the first thing that may cross your mind is the huge costs it may take. Well, you must make it look extravagant since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event of your life. However, couples must be practical in some ways, and keeping costs down is essential. Hiring a wedding car is a great way to help cut a portion of your wedding costs. Also, it can take some of the stress out of arranging transportation for your guests. 

Consequently, choosing the right and practical wedding car hire Wollongong has is vital if you decide to ride with your soon-to-be lifetime partner in this vibrant city. Below are the top 5 car-for-hire vendors in Wollongong that you should consider in choosing the best car for your best day.

  1. Northern Classic Wedding Car Hire

Northern Classic Wedding Car Hire is one of the best wedding car vendors you should hire, as they have been in the business since 1999. They are based in Wollongong and operate across Illawarra, South Coast, and Sydney. They specialize in weddings, formals, and special occasions and are licensed and accredited operators through the New South Wales Department of Transport.

If you’re a couple who loves classic and vintage cars, this wedding care vendor is the ideal vendor you could have. One of their unique matching cars is the 1964 V8 Pontiac Parisiennes. This car is very spacious, and the seats accommodate up to 5 people. They also offer red carpet and pick-up after reception services. You may phone or email them for personal quotation and booking at their email and mobile number on their website.

  1. Superior Car Hires

With almost three decades in the car hire industry, they will impress you with their professionalism, attention to detail, and care for your special event. Superior Hire Cars is a Chauffeured Limousine Service in Wollongong, Shellharbour, and beyond the Illawarra. 

If you both prefer to have an elegant car like a limousine at your wedding in Wollongong, Superior Car Hires is the perfect wedding car vendor. They combine traditional style and elegance with specialized expertise and efficient service. 

They have highly trained chauffeurs who will assist you in getting in and out of the vehicle through their extra large rear limousine door, holding your flowers, or helping fluff your dress. Visit their website for further information on how to book and to know the services offered.

  1. Wollongong Limousine Services

Wollongong Limousine Services is owned and operated by Garry & Karen Francis. Garry has been in the industry since he was 16 years old. His journey in the wedding car hires started by washing cars for the business’s original owner, a family friend. He also began to drive those cars until he saved up and bought his first wedding car at 21. He continued to build up his fleet and purchased the business.

Since they are the business owner-operator, they can provide a personal service to ensure you feel and ease on your special day. Decorated wedding cars with white ribbon and tulle in the back window, a red carpet for the bride’s arrival, wheel covers, and others are the inclusions of the wedding car hire package. 

Suppose you’re a couple who are head over heels for retro style or prefer the modern luxury of the Statesman Caprice Limousines; Wollongong Limousine Services might be the perfect wedding car vendor for you. For bookings and other information, you can freely visit their website.

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  1. Coastline Limousines

Coastline Limousines business has pride in delivering the best customer service for its clients with a warm smile. They extended their specialities in the industry across New South Wales for several years, becoming the go-to for transport solutions and wedding car hire. Their drivers are very professional and friendly, assisting you with warm and hospitable treatment. 

They provide quality, stylish transport for all events, such as Airport Transfers, Cruise Transport, Weddings, Formals, Graduations, and the like. They are also flexible and will cater to your needs as required. Therefore, for your transport needs, do not hesitate to drop a call or email them for bookings and other details.

  1. Sweet Rides

Some couples love the idea of a dreamy, timeless, vintage-themed wedding. And if you are a couple who wants to incorporate this theme in your wedding, Sweet Rides is the ideal wedding car hire vendor for you. Sweet Rides is here to bring back the old-school cool to your wedding with their original and classic muscle cars. The 1964 EH Premier, 1971 HG Premier, 1966 Thunderbird, and 1965 Mustang are the cars that defined their generation, and now they can be part of your special day through Sweet Rides.

Their drivers are professional, friendly, and obsessed with timeless cars. It will feel like you have a mate driving you to your ceremony. Their high-octane service has won them numerous awards from the wedding industry. For more details about the services offered, you may visit their website.

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Make it a Ride to Forever

Your wedding is the most important and special day you could ever have. This day has been made in heaven and celebrated on earth; that is why we want to make the most out of it and give the best effort we can to make this day extraordinary. However, planning a wedding is costly, which is why many couples think of a practical way to keep the costs down, one of which is to hire a wedding car on your big day. You will need vehicles to transport your guests to the venue, and you also need a separate car for yourself to reach the venue. 

It is a bit overwhelming to choose the right wedding car hire Wollongong has to offer as there are so many to choose from. Thus, I hope this article helps you determine the right wedding car hire vendor to match your style, preference, and budget. Make it a ride to forever by selecting the best and perfect wedding car for your one-of-a-kind journey. 

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