Wedding Cost in Australia | Complete Guide (2024)

One of the most exciting periods of your life is when you are planning a wedding!!!

It could, however, also feel Overwhelming. 

Because A major concern for most couples is, 

How much does wedding cost in Australia?

Knowing how much it will cost for a BIG DAY in Australia could help you to plan wisely for your special day and prevent unexpected expenses.

In this guide, You’ll know:

  • Comprehensive overview of wedding cost in Australia 
  • Average prices for different wedding costs. 
  • Smart ways to save money on weddings.
  • Different processes to finance your wedding.

If you want to know how much a wedding costs in Australia, this guide has everything you need to know, no matter how big or small your party will be.

Average Wedding Cost in Australia

Organizing a wedding requires numerous things. The average wedding cost in Australia varies based on factors such as the chosen venue, number of guests, the month of the wedding day, catering, etc.

To fully understand this, you must compare the average wedding budget across different states. This step will help you plan better. 

We have compiled a table that displays the average wedding expenses state-by-state, utilizing data from the Australian National Institute.

Here’s a helpful table that provides insights into various regions of Australia.

StateAverage Wedding Cost (AUD) Average Venue Cost (AUD) Remarks
New South Wales$36,000$15,000Higher costs due to popular city venues
Victoria$32,000$14,000Melbourne venues are highly sought after
Queensland$30,000$13,000Coastal venues add to the cost
Western Australia$28,000$12,000Mix of city and scenic venues
South Australia$27,000$11,500More affordable than eastern states
Tasmania$25,000$10,000Rustic and unique venues available
Northern Territory$24,000$9,500Lower demand helps keep costs down
Australian Capital Territory$29,000$13,500Elegant venues in the capital city
Average Wedding and Venue cost in Australia. State-by-State

However, don’t just rely on that list. Plan your special day by considering other expenses like flowers, dresses, decorations, transportation, and entertainment to get a complete idea of your wedding budget.

Popular Times and Trends for wedding in Australia 

Most Popular Month to Get Married

This table captures the key points about each season’s weather, popularity, and special notes for planning weddings in Australia.

SpringSeptember to NovemberMild, blooming flowersVery HighIdeal for outdoor weddings
SummerDecember to FebruaryWarm to hotHighBeach and holiday season weddings
AutumnMarch to MayCooler, autumn foliageHighMild weather, popular months are March and April
WinterJune to AugustCooler temperaturesLowMore availability, lower costs
Popular Month to Get Married

Popular wedding trends and locations in Australia:

This table includes columns for australia wedding trends, descriptions, popular locations, and Popularity guide providing a comprehensive overview of wedding trends in Australia.

Sl Trend Description Popular LocationsPopularity Grade
1Eco-Friendly WeddingsSustainable practices, eco-friendly venues, recycled decor, locally sourced foodEco-friendly venues, parksVery Popular
2Micro WeddingsSmaller guest lists (under 50 guests), personalized experiences and detailsPrivate estates, boutique venuesVery Popular
3Destination WeddingsPopular locations include beach resorts, vineyards, countryside estates; combined with vacationsBeach resorts, vineyards, countryside estatesVery Popular
4Outdoor and Garden WeddingsNatural settings like parks, gardens, vineyards; emphasis on natural beauty and sceneryParks, gardens, vineyardsVery Popular
5Non-Traditional VenuesUnique spaces such as warehouses, art galleries, historical buildingsWarehouses, art galleries, historical buildingsModerately Popular
6Cultural InfluencesIncorporating diverse traditions, fusion weddings blending different cultural elementsVarious cultural venuesModerately Popular
7Tech-Savvy WeddingsLive streaming ceremonies, using drones for aerial shots, innovative photographyVarious tech-friendly venuesModerately Popular
8Personalized ExperiencesCustom vows and ceremonies, interactive elements like guest activities and gamesPersonalized venuesVery Popular
9Food and Beverage TrendsGrazing tables with finger foods, personalized cocktails, local wines and beersVarious catering venuesVery Popular
10Bridal FashionBoho and vintage styles with lace and flowing fabrics, bold colors beyond traditional whiteBridal boutiquesVery Popular
Popular wedding trends and locations in Australia

Detailed Breakdown of Traditional Wedding Budgets

This table outlines the average cost of wedding in australia for a larger, traditional wedding, giving you a comprehensive view of what to expect.

Sl Expense CategoryEstimated Cost (AUD) Remarks
1Wedding Venues$15,000Varies by location and size
2Wedding Dresses$2,500Includes alterations
3Celebrants$600For a personalized ceremony
4Flower Bouquets & Styling$1,500Seasonal flowers can reduce costs
5Wedding Photographers$3,000Full-day coverage with album
6Make-up Artist$300Bridal makeup and trial session
7Invitations & Stationery$500Printed and digital invitations
8Honeymoon$5,000Destination and duration dependent
9Beauty Services$200Manicure, pedicure, and skincare
10Bomboniere & Guest Favors$400Personalized small gifts
11Bridal Accessories & Jewellery$1,000Veil, shoes, and jewellery
12Bridesmaids Dresses$1,200Cost for multiple dresses
13Cake Designers$600Three-tier custom cake
14Cars & Transport$800Includes hire for bridal party
15Ceremony Venues$1,200If separate from reception venue
16Decorations & Styling$1,500DIY options can reduce costs
17Disc Jockey (DJ)$800Includes reception music
18Wedding Planners & Coordinators$2,000Full planning and day-of coordination
19Grooms Suits & Fashion$1,000Includes accessories
20Hens & Bucks Party$1,000Separate events for bride and groom
21Hair Stylist$300Bridal hair and trial session
22Hire & Furniture$1,000For additional seating and decor
23Honeymoon DestinationIncludedIncluded in honeymoon cost
24Lingerie & Robes$200Bridal lingerie and getting-ready robes
25Photo Booth Hire$700With props and prints for guests
26Master Of Ceremonies$500Professional MC for the event
27Unique Wedding Ideas$500Custom or themed elements
28Videographers$2,500Highlight reel and full-day coverage
29Wedding & Engagement Rings$3,000Cost for both rings
30Wedding Caterers + Mobile Bars$10,000Includes food and drink for all guests
31Wedding Dance Lessons$300Lessons for the couple’s first dance
32Music & EntertainmentIncludedIncluded in DJ and live music costs
33Total Cost$61,100
Traditional Wedding Budgets

NB: Remember that this table only provides a rough estimate of the cost of a wedding in Australia. Keep in mind that actual costs can vary widely based on personal preferences and location.

Financing Your Wedding

It is always tough to fix the wedding budget because so many little things need to be taken into account. Finding the elements that affect the cost will therefore enable you to develop a great budget plan for a seamless Special Day celebration.  

Here are some key points and affordable wedding ideas to help you plan financially for your much-awaited day.

Factors Influencing Wedding Cost in Australia

Venue: This is usually the most expensive part, and the price can change a lot based on how popular, where, and what amenities the venue has.Popular venues can cost you a lot. Therefore consider off-peak dates or less traditional venues like parks or community halls to save money.

Number of Guests: The cuisine, seating, and invitation expenses are directly proportional to the number of guests. The more people you invite, the more money you will need to spend. Keep the guest list intimate to reduce costs on food, drinks, and seating arrangements.


Time of Year: Peak seasons (spring and summer) are more expensive due to higher venue and service demand. Winter and weekdays are cheaper.Consider a weekday or off-peak wedding for lesser prices. 


Food and Drinks: One of the biggest costs. Plated, buffet, food truck, and open bar/limited bar meals and drinks greatly affect pricing. Choose a buffet or family-style meal and restrict drinks to save money. 

Decorations and Flowers: Although optional, decorations can beautify your special day. Costs can vary based on the complexity and volume of decorations and flowers. Local and seasonal flowers are cheaper.Save money with simpler decorations and seasonal flowers.

Photography and Videography: Professional photographers and videographers can be expensive, but the cost can vary based on the package and duration of coverage.Hire professional photographers for important moments or use talented newbies to save money.

K + B | Windmill Gardens Reception || Perfect Moment Photography and Video

Entertainment: Live bands, DJs, and other entertainment can be expensive.Instead of a band, use a playlist or a temporary DJ.

Invitations and Stationery: Wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other stationery can be expensive. Classic printed invitations with beautiful patterns and high-quality paper tend to be costly.Use digital invites or simpler designs to cut printing and mailing costs.


Attire: Designer clothes like dresses and suits can cost a lot. The costs go up with changes and extras.To save money, you might want to rent clothes or buy ones that are already made.

Wedding Ring: In Australia, wedding ring costs vary from about $500 for simple gold bands to $5,000 or more for diamond rings. To choose the best and most economical ring, consider your budget and preferred style or Shop around and compare prices, and consider affordable materials like silver or titanium. The best ring is one you love and can afford!

Wedding Planner and Coordination: Although full-service planners may be expensive, they may alleviate tension and save you time. To minimize expenses, consider employing a day-of coordinator or obtaining partial planning services.

How Do You Pay for a Wedding in Australia?

As you know, there are many ways on how you can pay for your wedding. Here are some viable options that can possibly help you. 

Savings: The best way to prepare for Australian wedding expenses is to save ahead. This is a long process that requires discipline but it will help avoid being in debt.

Family Contributions: Sometimes, family members are willing to help pay for some of the wedding’s expenses. Take some time to talk with the parents about what they are willing to contribute for the wedding event.

Loans: There are many better ideas than this, but having a loan must only be considered if all other options are not available. While this provides immediate funds, remember that loans often come with high interest.

Credit Cards: Using a credit card is another critical option. However, settling the balance quickly is critical to avoid high interest rates.

Wedding Registries: Some couples set up wedding registries where guests can give money for the wedding expenses instead of giving traditional gifts.

Affordable wedding ideas 

Following tips and strategy will help you to decide what is important to you and also  cut unnecessary costs from your wedding . 

DIY Decorations: Consider creating wedding decorations instead of hiring a designer. Handmade decorations also add a personal touch and can be more meaningful for the event.

Simple and Elegant Venue: Consider having the wedding in outdoor locations like parks, gardens, or beaches. These places are often less expensive than traditional venues and offer a natural backdrop for the event. 


Affordable Catering Options: Choose a buffet option or a family-style meal instead of a plated dinner since these are more affordable. In addition, hire a food truck vendor for the reception to have cheaper and unique options than traditional catering.

DIY Wedding Invitations: Prioritize sending digital invitations via email or social media platforms to save on printing and delivery costs.

Music and Entertainment: Create a playlist of your favorite songs to play instead of hiring a wedding singer and DJ. Another option is hiring an amateur local artist who charges less than professional bands.

Photography and Videography: Look for talented amateur photographers or photography students looking to build their portfolios. Select basic photography packages that cover only the most important details.

Renting Attire: Rent a wedding dress from a local store to keep the wedding expenses at bay.

Creative Cake Options: Consider a tower of cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. For the cake-cutting tradition, just buy a small cake to minimize your Australian wedding expenses while still giving you the ceremony experience.

Seasonal Flowers: Choose seasonal and locally grown flowers because they are more affordable and fresher. Have simple flower arrangements and greenery so there won’t be a need to hire a florist.

Friend and Family Involvement: Politely seek help from friends and family members with various tasks, such as setting up decorations, cooking lunch, or helping with coordination.

Look for Discounts and Deals: Look for stores that offer huge discounts on wedding items. Also, shop during month-end sales or use coupons to save money. Feel free, as well, to negotiate prices with vendors.

Preparing in advance: Planning ahead helps to manage time and allocate resources effectively. Anticipating potential challenges informed decisions can be made as well as optimum budget use can ensure avoiding unnecessary cost. 

By following these strategies the cost of your wedding will be comfortable  and allow you to enjoy your special day stress-free and to the fullest.

Explicit Service Recommendations

By exploring these budget-friendly wedding ideas, you can plan a beautiful, memorable, and joyous wedding filled with love and happiness.

Best Wedding Photography and Videography (NSW) 

It is essential to capture every beat of your special day in a beautiful and lasting format. Also let you share its joy and beauty with loved ones and future generations.

Cost Range: Price ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the chosen package.

How to Choose:

  • Look at portfolios.
  • Read reviews.
  • Consult with photographers so they will know the initial plans.

Best Wedding Cakes 

Your wedding cake will enhance the essence of the celebration.


Cost Range: Simple and elegant cakes start at $300, while elaborate designs can cost $1,000 or more.

Choosing Factors:

  • Identify your desired flavors.
  • Think of your ideal design.
  • Size to suit your wedding theme and guest list.

Wedding Dog, Cat, and Pet Ideas and Inspiration 

Incorporating pets adds a special touch for pet lovers.

Creative Ideas:

  • Dog as the ring bearer.
  • A cat dressed in a cute outfit.
  • Featuring pets in wedding photos.


  • Ensure pet comfort.
  • Assign OR hire someone to take care of pets during the event.

Mini-Guide: Small Wedding cost in Australia

Smaller weddings are an excellent choice for couples looking to be economical and create a more intimate as well as personalized experience.

Take a look at how much a small cost of wedding in Australia might cost and the reasons why many couples choose a smaller event.

How Much Does a Small Wedding Cost in Australia?

A small wedding typically has around 20 to 50 guests. Here’s a breakdown of the main expenses:

SlExpense CategoryExampleEstimated Cost Range (AUD)
1Wedding VenuesCommunity hall or garden$1,000 – $3,000
2CateringBuffet or food truck$ 600 – $1,500 (for 30 guests)
3Wedding DressesRenting or buying a simple dress$500 – $1,500
4PhotographyAmateur photographer$500 – $1,000
5DecorationsDIY $200 – $500
6MusicPlaylist or local musician$100 – $300
7InvitationsDigitalFree – $50
8CakeSmall custom cake or cupcakes$100 – $300
Total Estimated Cost$3,000 – $8,000
Small Wedding Budget

Benefits of choosing a Smaller Event  

Lower Costs: Smaller weddings have fewer guests. That means you will spend less on food, drinks, and reception. Imagine the difference between spending $5,000 on a small wedding instead of $30,000 on a large one.

Intimate Atmosphere: Celebrating with 30 close friends and family offers more quality time and more intimate experience.

Less Stress: Stress no more. Planning a small wedding can be less overwhelming and more enjoyable with fewer details to worry about. 

More Venue Options: Forget about extravagant venues. You can simply host small weddings in unique and cozy venues like a beautiful backyard or a small cafe. 

Personal Touch:  With fewer guests, you can simply DIY your decors by adding special touches, like handmade favors or custom decorations.

By choosing a smaller wedding, you can lower the cost of a wedding in Australia while still having a beautiful and memorable celebration. 


All in all, the wedding cost in Australia varies greatly depending on the location, number of guests, and the type of celebration you want. It’s important to remember that you can plan a wonderful wedding while staying close to your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune or be in debt to have a special and memorable day.

If you have any budgeting tips or questions, please share them in the comments below. 

Have a fun and exciting wedding planning and preparation.

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