Wedding Guest Outfits for Over 50s Australia

One of the best feelings in this world is to be invited over by a relative or friend to become a wedding guest on their special occasion. The invitation arrived, and the date was marked. Suddenly, you realize that it has been quite a while since you attended a wedding event. You’re already in your 50s, and you have come to your senses that you don’t know what outfit you need to put on at your age.

Could You Still Look Glamorous in Your 50s?

Well, fret not. Even in your 50s, I assure you that you could still be the best dressed guest on that perfect occasion. It might sound absurd, but there are simple ways how you can glam up and shine together with the younger wedding guests.

Importance of Being Dressed Appropriately When You’re in the ’50s

While it’s essential to know the tips about wedding guest dresses in your 50s, I believe it’s also crucial to understand why you need to consider those tips. Let me go through some of the importance that you can relate to.

  1. Protection

It’s pretty evident that you’re not that young anymore. Therefore it’s essential to consider your protection in choosing the right dress. Remind yourself that there’s always a price to pay when you put fashion over your health. Cold wedding venues might not be appropriate for your desired dress. Consequently, hot function room centers might bring uneasiness when you opt to use a particular dress.

  1. Elegance

Who says 50s are not particular and classy as the younger wedding guests? Well, I assume that even at your late age, you still consider wearing some elegant-looking wedding dress. Though, you might probably need to consider buying a new one to make sure that the brands, shapes, and styles match the trend. It’s one of the most important occasions, so I think it’s fine to pay some price to look elegant on that day.

  1. Respect

Of course, you also need to look respectable and classy, especially if you’re a close relative of the bride and groom. Well, this is most crucial if you’re the mother of either of the couple. As much as you want to become in with the trend, being respectable and prim with your outfit and wedding dress styles is your better concern.

  1. Comfort

The same pointer in improving your protection is to give comfort to your body during that wedding celebration. I bet you know that weddings are typically long and exhausting, so you better choose a comfortable and uneasy option from your choices of wedding guest dresses.

  1. Fun

What is a wedding event if you can’t have fun with your relatives and friends? Choosing the right outfit for this wedding event in Australia will allow you to simply have fun and enjoy the wonderful moment. It’s a rare opportunity that women in their 50s should grab once it comes. 

5 Wedding Guest Outfit Tips for the 50s and Above in Australia

Heading to the tips and recommendations, I would like to enumerate 10 outfit tips for choosing the right one from your collection of wedding guest dresses. Regardless of brands, colours, and price, I’m sure that these tips will help you choose the best one for that special occasion.

  1. Check the Dress Code

The first tip on our list is to check the dress code of the wedding event that you’re going to. Even if you wear a luxurious dress with a stunning price, if that doesn’t fit the dress code, then I’m sure you’ll not totally enjoy the event.

This goes without saying, but I want to remind you not to wear white to pay respect to the dress of the bride. You surely don’t want to grab the attention of the beautiful bride.

To better understand the idea, I want to go through some of the famous dress code for a wedding event.


You surely can’t go wrong with wearing long classic wedding guest dresses in a formal set-up. Simply ensure that the style and cut fit your body shape to maintain your posture and elegance.


I highly recommend cocktail wedding guest dresses for semi-formal nuptial events as long as they match the theme colours. Regardless if it’s orange, navy blue, purple, pink, or even floral, as long as it follows the palette, then it’s considerably good. 


Casual attire is one of the easiest and most suitable attire for women in a wedding event. You can simply visit some boutiques and find some elegant-looking dresses at a very reasonable price. Go for some fancy lace with unique sequin layouts. You may also consider a navy blue, pink, or purple sleeveless dress with some floral prints. Another vital tip is always to look out for items on sale.

  1. Consider the Season

As I mentioned earlier, protection and comfort with your attire are our topmost priority, especially considering the season of the occasion. Always check the season in deciding which dress from your collection of dresses you should use to refine your glamor. 


Needless to say, summer is sweltering weather; therefore, consider something fresh and relaxing in colours to ease the humid temperature. You may opt to consider green, slightly floral, or navy palettes to match the summer season. Also, consider high neck attires to protect your neck from the scorching heat.


This one might seem favorable to some, but considering your age, the cold blue winter season might not be your ideal season. Pick a dress that matches the colours of winter, such as blue, navy blue, brown, or something in the range of purple. Avoid wearing a dress that reveals too much of your skin, such as a short sleeve and off the shoulder dress. Also, choose boat neck over scoop neck dress designs to avoid too much skin exposure. You surely don’t want to pay the price of the cold weather.


Autumn is considered one of the most favorite wedding seasons in Australia. The orange colours roaming around the places add beauty to a sacred occasion. You may prefer to dress in pink, navy, or maybe whatever colours as long as they fill in the required event motifs.


Well, springtime is floral time. This is the perfect season to bring out your gorgeous dress in pink, purple, and yellow colours with matching sequin or paisley designs. However, don’t limit your fashion to wearing floral dresses as neutral colours can also highlight your personality.

  1. Take Note of the Time

Another thing to consider is the time of the event. Make sure that you check correctly if it’s in the morning or late afternoon.


If it’s in the morning, pick a dress that’s easy to shop and wear. You wouldn’t want to be late by spending forever in your personal style preparation. 


If it’s noontime, consider the scorching heat, so avoid thick and fitted clothes.


Select a fresh, relaxing, and comfy dress that will complement the wonderful time of the day.


Typically, this is when the party happens. So dress in something comfortable and a bit classy so you won’t have second thoughts about going on the dance floor.

  1. Research the Venue

Next is doing quick research on the wedding venue. It’s essential since the venue’s terrain can affect the comfort of your dress during the event.


If it’s a garden wedding, I prefer wearing a floral or something with a touch of green or brown to bring life to the location. 

Function Hall

During an indoor wedding, checkout a dress that has a luxurious and classy touch. However, a pink or floral dress might also fit the theme. 


Beach weddings are perfect for blue colours as your motif and style, highlighting the shore as your background.


At a church wedding, try looking for a formal dress in your collection. It doesn’t have to be plain but could be floral or any patterned style.


Some might also prefer having their special day in a resto. Checkout some semi-formal attire and match it with accessories like a necklace to tone your neckline and a bag to add volume to your dress. 

  1. Compare the Price from Every Shop

The last tip on my list is to become practical in buying your attire. Always search for items on sale sign or first order from cheap boutique shops.

Online Shop

Online stores have become famous nowadays because of their convenience. Everything is undoubtedly mobile, from shipping options to easy account opening to express delivery. Some recommend checking a United Kingdom shop for good items. Simply ensure that you tick the change shipping country option whenever you order.

Physical Shop

There are also dresses and accessories on sale in some physical stores. This is a good place if you’re particular with the brands. If you’re lucky, some brands might be on sale if you’re the first person on the line. This might be a good sign for you to buy.

Be Merry in your 50s While Attending Weddings in Australia. 

Being invited to a wedding event is a forever grateful moment that you will never forget. Even in your 50s, as long as you dress accordingly, I’m confident that you can be as gorgeous as you want to be. Simply follow my 5 important tips, and I’m sure it will show results at their finest.

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