Wedding Hair style Tips And Tricks Every Bride Should Know

The wedding day is one of the most critical days in a person’s life. And every bride wants to look stunning on this day. The perfect dress, makeup, and hairstyle can make a bride feel confident and beautiful. However, achieving such perfection can be challenging. In particular, choosing the right wedding hair style for your wedding day is not as easy as it sounds. 

On your wedding day, hair isn’t just hair. Whether you’re aiming for something soft, romantic, or elegant, your hair completes your bridal look. All kinds of tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect locks on your wedding day come in handy. To help you out, below is a short guide:

Use The Right Hair Care Products

The earlier you start, the better for your hair. Ideally, you should begin preparing your hair for your wedding at least six months before the big day. It gives your hair enough time to be healthy and look its best. You should use the right hair care products to achieve the best locks during this period.

To know exactly what to look for in hair care products, you must first identify your hair’s condition. Is it dry, brittle, oily, or damaged? After determining your hair concerns, look for products that can address those issues. You can use the extra time to consult with a professional if your hair is severely damaged.

Have A Monthly Hair Spa Treatment

You should consider having a monthly hair spa treatment if you have dry, dull, or frizzy hair. A hair spa hydrates your hair and makes it shiny. It helps keep your locks strong, moisturized, and youthful. You should book a monthly hair spa treatment at least three months before your wedding day. The early preparation allows you enough time for your hair to look healthy and fantastic. 

With a hair spa treatment, ensure you use the right product according to your hair condition. You must double-check if the conditioning mask is best for oily, dry, or damaged hair. You can also apply a hair mask if you have fine hair. It can give your hair the extra moisture it needs.

Avoid Any Harsh Treatment 

Apart from using the right products, you should avoid harsh hair treatment. It can severely damage your locks, which may be irreversible at the time of your wedding. You should focus on nourishing your hair instead of going through intense treatments. 

You should avoid having a perm, hair rebonding, or hair bleach days before your wedding day. You should also skip using styling tools every day. If you must use a heat tool, use a heat protectant to shield your hair against damage. This quick adjustment protects your hair from potential harm.

Decide On Hair Length 

Never chop your hair off until you’re firm with what kind of hairstyle you want on your wedding day. Many factors can help you decide what type of hair you should have, such as your theme, wedding dress design, or personal preference. Regardless, be 100% sure before cutting your hair off. The safest time to cut your hair is at least two weeks before your big day. 

When deciding whether to keep your hair long or short on your big day, you also need to consider the hairstyle you’re going for. Long hair is better if you’re after braids and extensive styling. But if you like a relaxed and simple do, then short hair is fine.

Book For A Trial Preparation

Before deciding on your hairdresser, book a trial session with them. A trial session gives you an idea of how they work; you can see beforehand if you’re comfortable with them. They may be unable to recreate your hair inspiration, or you may be unsatisfied with their work. 

During your trial preparation, you can also ask your hairdresser for your thoughts. Show them a picture of what you have in mind and see if they can achieve it or if they can suggest something similar yet more flattering. Take this time to see if they’re timely with their preparation, show professionalism, and practice good hygiene. Observe everything to know if they’re a great fit.

Skip The Conditioner 

Before your big day, skip the conditioner in your hair care routine. Instead, just wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Conditioners can help make your hair smooth and shiny throughout the day. However, the excess moisture may not do your wedding hair style any favours. 

Because of the excess moisture, your curls, ties, or hair accessories may not stay put, as your hair is too slippery. You should skip the conditioner to allow your hairdresser to work their magic best. 

Also, you should air dry your hair instead of using a hair blower. Air drying maintains your hair’s hydration levels.

Sleep With A Silk Pillowcase

Treat yourself like a queen before your big day. Apart from spa treatments, you should sleep with a silk pillowcase before your big day. The silk helps prevent your hair from tangles and frizzes. It also keeps your hair from being greasy. 

Before sleeping on a silk pillowcase, make sure that your hair is dry. Wet hair is more prone to damage as you twist and turn while you sleep.

Change Your Reception Look

Plenty of brides change their dresses to something more comfortable during the reception. It allows them to move comfortably to mingle and dance. Aside from changing into a reception dress, you can have a different wedding hair style, too. It can complete the look and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

If you have an up-do during the wedding ceremony, you can put your hair down for the reception. You can have soft curls for a more relaxed look. Just be mindful of the extra time you need to prepare for the reception look. Your guests will be waiting for you at the party.

Prepare An Emergency Hair Kit

Your hairdresser may leave right after preparing you for your second look. You need to be prepared for a hair emergency. It could be your hair is slowly weighing down, or your pins are getting out of place. With an emergency hair kit, you can save yourself from hair problems.

Ask your hairdresser what hair products you should pack in your hair kit. Buy those products in travel sizes so you can easily bring them to your wedding. It can be a hair spray, hair extension clips, hair clips, and ties. Gather them in a single container and let your maid of honour know when you need them.


You already have so many things to think of on your wedding day. But your hair should not be an afterthought. With the tips and tricks above, your hair will look amazing on your wedding day. There’s no better time to have a good hair day. With early preparation, you can keep your hair moisturized and healthy. As it’s in the best condition, you can pull off a glamorous hairstyle to match the wonderful occasion.

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