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P.S. Speaking of storybooks, we would feel bad if we didn’t tell you about our special, custom-cover, name-stamped wedding albums.

Is there a more perfect way to preserve those blissful moments from that fateful day than enclosing them into a vibrant picture book… and keeping them safe for ages to come?

We think not.

That’s why we’re offering 15% off for these lovely albums with each of our photography packages.

Choose between leather, wooden, glass, and magazine-style covers to envelop your memory book, and an optional lovely presentation box to store your storybook inside.

We get it.

It’s tough having to stay in within your limits.

Getting everything in your wedding to fit inside your budget is not an easy task.

You don’t want to start off your marriage in debt, after all. After the glorious ceremony you want to be on the right financial foot.

And one of the most important investments on your wedding planning checklist is your choice of wedding photographers.


Because your wedding album is a riveting storybook… one that will treasure your sweetest memories of the big day — as it happened.

And only a photographer that truly ‘gets you’ can make it happen.

That’s why we’ve prepared an assortment of professional photography and videography packages for you to choose from.

There’s one for every budget. And we’ll tailor each to your personal vision of exactly how you want your story to unravel in front of the camera lens (with friendly guidance from our experienced team, of course).



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