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Transform your wedding into an eternal memory

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Dreaming of a Perfect Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, a wonderful, solemn, deliriously happy occasion when you stand before family and friends and commit yourself to the one you love above all others.

It’s a day that only comes once, so it has to be perfect. And the memories it evokes must be perfectly preserved for all time.

The best way to ensure that not one heartfelt moment is lost, is to have Perfect Moment Photography and Video capture your special day.

What You Can Expect From Your Wedding Photographer

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The role of a wedding photographer is much more than just organising group shots and documenting the day’s milestones such as the service, reception and honeymoon send-off.

A good wedding photographer is also here, there and everywhere on the day, using their intuition to capture those subtle moments that make the occasion so special.

Yes, producing fairy tale images of the happy couple is important, but so is capturing the essence of what makes your wedding unique. And a good wedding photographer will be able to perform both roles superbly, organising and shooting the important formal pictures and interweaving them with those magical moments that just ‘happen’ on the day.

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Why Choose Perfect Moment Photography

At Perfect Moment Photography and Video, we are committed to capturing the most joyous, funny, tearful and heartfelt moments of your wedding day and transforming the memories into a beautiful photographic record.

And we are passionate about what we do, knowing that each click of the shutter not only documents the events of the day, but also captures the heart and soul that makes a wedding unique.

Our intuitive photographers use the latest equipment to capture the happy smiles, the loving looks, the funny moments … and tell your story in a montage of beautiful visual memories you’ll be proud to share with your children and grandchildren.

At Perfect Moment, we go above and beyond to achieve the results out clients are looking for. It’s your special day after all, so we tailor our service to give you exactly what you want. It is our vision to tell your story the way no one else can and we can travel to your wedding wherever it is.

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.