Wedding planning tips—emergency kit made easier

You’ve spent months carefully planning your wedding day to perfection; everything from the wedding gown to the accessories to the colour of the bridesmaid’s dress is taken care off. You couldn’t be more excited when the D-day is finally here. But then halfway through the ceremony, there’s a bug attack!! Or your lovely veil gets a rip around the edge. All of a sudden, all the sweat and tears you put into planning your big day are rendered useless.

Wedding day mishaps!! It’s one of the last things you would want to endure on your big day. We wouldn’t want you to have any emergencies on your big day and it’s always better to be prepared than sorry. It’s important to keep an emergency kit ready with you on your wedding day.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a wedding day emergency checklist so you would know exactly what to pack.

A sewing kit

From ripped hems to stuck zippers to strap snaps, wedding dresses can cause major drama. A sewing kit with needles and threads of different colours, as well as bobby pins and safety pins can be a lifesaver for any wardrobe malfunction. Include hooks, clasps, and a pair of mini scissors, toupee tape to keep clothes in place and a stick-on instant hemming tape in your emergency kit.


For tears – both happy and emotional – smudged mascara, runny nose, oily patches and botchy makeup, tissues are going into your emergency kit.


You never know when tweezers will come in handy – be it stray hairs on the brow or chin, fixing false lashes to untangling necklaces, tweezers are the best way to fix a problem in no time.

Insect repellent tissues

No one would like a wedding crasher, and a bug or a biting mosquito can be of the worst kind. Keep a few insect repellent wipe tissues for the bride and bridesmaids. Avoid products containing fragrances; there are organic and environmentally friendly options available in the market.

Bobby pins

You do not want a bad hair day on your wedding day. Add a bunch of Bobby pins in your kit – you can use them to make sure your hairdo stays intact all day.

Breath mints

Don’t let bad breath make a surprise visit on your wedding day. Keep mints and gum for you and your bridal party.

Make-up essentials

Fill a bag with makeup essentials – make-up remover, lipstick, lip balm, compact mirror, concealer, cotton pads, comb, and hair brush. These will help you avoid a complete beauty disaster.


Use your hairspray to not just tame your unruly hair, for a more unconventional use like getting rid of lint or using it on an obstinate zipper to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish has many a use and has been a life saviour during beauty emergencies. Use a coat of clear polish to stop runs in stockings, touching up your nails.

Medical kit

Carrying a couple of medicines like allergy medications, antacid, aspirin, band-aids, dental floss, sunblock, tampons/sanitary napkins, and other painkillers is a great addition to your emergency kit.

Earring backs

It’s easy to accidentally drop an earring back, and you don’t want your bridesmaids to be on all fours searching for it when you about to walk down the aile. So keep a few extra earring backs in your emergency kit and breathe easy.

White chalk

If you stain your wedding dress and you obviously do not have time to take it to the drycleaners, you can easily camouflage the stain with a white chalk. It’s easy and cheap.

Baby powder

Did you just drop the oily salad dressing onto your dress? In that case, baby powder will come to your rescue. A small dab of powder lightly onto the spilled area and gently rub it off, your dress will come clean.


The last thing you need to be doing on your wedding day is to trip and get your shoe heels broken. Nevertheless, that’s where superglue comes in and saves the day. You can also use it to reattach the embellishments, beads or pearls that fell off your dress.

Water and healthy snacks

Stress can make you hungry and you might need a quick bite before you walk down the aisle. A health bar like a granola can serve as an energy boost for the tired and stressed out brides.

Handy numbers

Keep the list of vendors and their phone numbers handy. Don’t rely solely on your mobile phone directory because your phone can die.

Phone charger

And don’t let your phone die. Bring along your phone charger.

Hand sanitiser

You’ll be shaking a lot of sweaty hands, so keep a hand sanitiser at arm’s length.

You can place all these items together in a bag so they are easy to carry and accessible when you need anything on the day of your wedding. With this exclusive wedding emergency list in hand, we know your big day will go off without a snag!

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