Most Delicious Wedding Cake Shop in Wollongong

During your wedding planning, one of the most enjoyable and entertaining parts is the selection of your wedding cake suppliers. Couples love the part wherein they will select their wedding cake that suits their personalities as partners. Of course, who wouldn’t want to partake in the cake-tasting session as you plan your wedding?

Although the selection of wedding cake is delightful, finding wedding cake suppliers or vendors that perfectly suit your taste, style, and budget can be a bit overwhelming. If you are planning to have your wedding in Wollongong, here is the list of the most delicious wedding cake suppliers.


      1. Summa Cakes

    With over 20 years of experience, Summa Cakes is owned and operated by the fully qualified and reputable pastry Chef Summa Robinson. Chef Summa Robinson knows how to create an amazing cake that will surely suit the taste of the couple. This store is one of the most popular options when it comes to wedding cake vendors that serve Wollongong weddings. Also, They are highly recommended by their customers in Wollongong. 

    Summa Cakes is servicing areas around Wollongong, Nowra, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Jamberoo, Warilla, and surrounding areas.

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        1. Mary Ahonen Cake Artistry

      If you want to make your dream wedding cake more personal and innovative, Mary Ahonen Cake Artistry could be the wedding cake supplier you’ve been looking for. With 51 years of experience, they are known for her creative and innovative approach to designing and decorating cakes.  

      Mary Ahonen Cake Artistry has fifteen varieties of cake flavors available, exquisite hand-molded sugar flowers, and the most delicate piping. To supplement each wedding cake’s creative finish, she can also deliver and set up the cake for the couple personally. 


          1. Enchanted Cakes by Yvette

        Enchanted Cakes by Yvette is located and operated in Shell Cove, one-and-a-half hours south of Sydney, NSW. It is a local business that caters to all of the cake needs within the areas of the Illawarra region, covering areas such as Wollongong, Bulli, Austinmer, Kiama, and Gerringong. 

        Enchanted Cakes by Yvette specializes in the creation of elegantly bespoke and dreamy wedding and celebration cakes for all occasions. The genuine love they have towards their craft is what drives their commitment to ensure that every cake they make provides happiness and wonder within every bite. 

        Enchanted Cakes by Yvette


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            1. La Petite Tarte

          La Petite Tarte is a Sydney-based sister duo specializing in delicious and mouth-watering sweet treats for all tastes. The store has a passion for pastry and baking, and they want to share their creativity and love of making your dream wedding cake brought to life. 

          If you’re looking for a delicious and mouth-watering cake for your wedding day, La Petite Tarte is the perfect wedding cake supplier for you. They will ensure that the love and happiness they put into making your cake will reflect in your wedding. 


              1. Sweet Cakes By Tash

            Sweet Cakes By Tash specializes in French classical or floral wedding cakes. All of their cakes offer a wide variety of flavors and designs – the limit is your imagination. All of the flavors made by Tash are available gluten free or nut free. 


                1. Tonitto Continental Cakes

              Tonitto Continental Cakes is a local family business operated in Wollongong, specializing in making quality cakes, biscuits, pastries, pies, coffee, continental tortes, and special occasion cakes for over 30 years.

              Furthermore, they also obtained a reputation for creating beautiful, unique, and delicious cakes ever made around the Illawarra Region. They also have pride in quality and high standards and work closely with their customers to design the perfect dream cake for their wedding. 


                  1.  One Cake Down

                One Cake Down is a new cake maker in Illawarra, passionate about creating, designing, and producing amazing cakes for all occasions. One Cake Down owner, Kylie, is an award-winning cake decorator and qualified Chef. She has been trained by the best in the industry, which comes through in her work.

                One Cake Down makes cakes for weddings, engagements, bridal showers, christenings, birthdays, hens and bucks, and all other special celebrations. There is a large variety of cakes, from the most basic to more detailed cakes.


                    1. Wedding Cake Art

                  Wedding Cake Art is a high-quality wedding cake supplier by Karen Hill. She is an ABIA award-winning cake designer specializing in creating your dream wedding cake that will totally match your taste and wedding style. Wedding Cake Art is located and operated in New South Wales’s South Coast. 

                  Karen creates mouth-watering, delicious, delectable, and well-priced beautiful wedding cakes. Karen makes cakes from a burgundy two-tier vanilla and strawberry with buttercream icing to a three-tier banana caramel cake with a fondant finish, and there’s nothing Karen can’t do!

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                      1. Amber Blossom Cakes

                    Amber Blossom Cakes was started by a young woman who loved to spoil her friends and family with crispy macarons, cupcakes, and other devilish desserts. Once she had worked out what her inner circle loved, she knew it was time to expand and test out the village market scene.

                    Amber Blossom Cakes specializes in custom wedding cake designs on the NSW South Coast. Couples around NSW South Coast looking for something crisp and elegant, floral and festive, or rustic and minimal.


                        1. Bespoke Cakes Willow & George Cake Co

                      Looking for more stylish and vintage-themed cakes for your wedding and other special occasions? Bespoke Cakes Willow George Cake Co might be the cake supplier you’ve been searching for. Chloe, the creator of these nostalgic-themed cakes, has a passion for making and baking absolutely beautiful and creative cakes for all special occasions.

                      Bespoke Cakes Willow & George Cake Co has a small team based in the Illawarra region of NSW, Australia. It’s here; they create all sorts of delicious cakes and baked goods from their little studio.

                      Tie the Knot with Sweetness

                      Selecting the most reputable wedding cake suppliers for your wedding is much as important as the wedding itself. Couples who are planning to get married on the beautiful, vibrant and delicious urban center coast and scenic place of Wollongong must find the perfect wedding cake supplier that they think will match their personality, unique style and taste. 

                      Having the perfect dream wedding cake brought to life is a clear representation of tying the knot with genuine love and sweetness. Beautifully hand-crafted cakes that are designed personally by the couples make it even more special.

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