Weddings come in various forms. It could be as grandeur as the traditional set-up where extravagant decorations and overflowing foods are served to hundreds of guests. Or, it could be as intimate as an elopement style.

Talking about intimate weddings, there have been a lot of terminologies that might confuse engaged couples like you. Two of those are the minimony and microwedding. So, in this blog, I will unfold the difference between the two and give you hindsight on which one suits you.

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What is a Minimony Wedding?

Minimony is precisely what it is, a mini ceremony held in the presence of your loved ones. It is a progressively popular choice for couples who want to tie the knot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mini ceremonies follow the restrictions to keep the health guideline and prevent spreading the virus while enjoying the most precious moment of your life.

A minimony is a simple moment of commitment on the original wedding date. Yet, the moments are shared with small people who usually fall below 20 guests, who are genuinely close to both of you. The officiant’s presence is also included in officiating the wedding, in-person or virtual. To improve your wedding, The bride and groom can exchange handwritten vows and other non-traditional wedding stuff.

Take note that overspending on minimony is not a choice. It is designed to cut down the budget and guest count – the goal is to share the intimate moment without postponing the wedding date. 

What is a Microwedding?

A microwedding is like the typical one but has a smaller number of guests, which usually counts from 30 to 50 guests. This revolves around the engaged couple, the officiant, and the loved ones that seize the special moment with you. A microwedding allows you to have that fancy wedding and have a lovely venue, beautiful gourmet meal, and a top-shelf bar while not hurting your pocket with the number of your guests.

This type of intimate wedding has been in-demand for being fashionable even though the guests are relatively few compared to the traditional one. Most couples choose to have a gorgeous colorful wedding with a beautiful venue and one-step away reception, making it more luxurious and intimate.

Considering the small number of guests, microwedding allows you and your partner to spend more on things that will undoubtedly impact your wedding.

Which One is For You?

Frankly, choosing between the two is formidable. But then you can easily select while considering several factors such as budget and who you will share your special moment with.

Other than that, it would be best if you kept in mind that a minimony is a ceremony for two eager hearts willing to get married and ready to push for a bigger wedding in the future. In contrast, a microwedding is a wedding that allows the couple to have a small number of guests according to their style and preference.

Both weddings are a good option, but there are a few things to consider. If you love the idea of having big parties, yet the pandemic is stopping it, then feel free to have minimony. However, if you love the thought of a small yet stylish wedding, then microwedding will do.

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Benefits of Having Minimony

Minimony benefits several couples who prefer a smaller wedding over a big dash-down one. If you’re new to this, then this might be a total headache for you. Fret not, though, as I’ve got your back. Continue reading to know why minimony might be an excellent fit for your dream wedding.

1.Affordable Option for Wedding

A wedding can be costly, especially if you are planning to invite several relatives and friends. Not to mention the amount you will spend for flowers, giveaways, catering, drinks, and venue. Choosing minimony can remove the stress of thinking about the bills and focus more on what really matters. 

Moreover, minimony allows you to pay attention to other unique details for your wedding while staying on the budget. The remaining money you have after the minimony can also be used as a fund for your future needs. 

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2.Yes!” with Less Stress

Planning a big wedding can be stressful, which typically results in burnout. I, personally, don’t want that to happen to you. So, lessen the stress of wedding planning by picking a minimony wedding and focus on what matters on your exceptional day.

A smaller wedding lets you focus on the most important wedding details. The smaller the details, the less pressure it will take on your planning season.

3.Intimacy All the Way Through

There’s no better way to make your wedding intimate than by spending it with people close to your heart. Imagine sharing your vows together while your loved ones cherish those memories. 

Another benefit of making it more intimate is that you can be yourself. No need to worry about what other people will say since all of your guests personally know you and identify with your gladness.

4.Give Your Wedding the Privacy It Deserves

One of the most significant advantages of minimony is it allows you to have a private wedding, making it more meaningful and memorable. Guests know each other, which means they can speak to one another. You and your spouse can interact with everyone, making quality time for each and one of your guests.

Also, it lessens the stress of looking for a bigger venue, a small yet comfortable platform will do. In addition to that, everyone can sign the guest book, which is great because you have something in your hand that you can look back on your happiest day. 

Make it Simple, Plan your Minimony Ahead

Having small weddings is a blessing in disguise amid a pandemic for engaged couples like you. This will allow your passionate hearts to tie the knot with the warm presence of their loved ones in a small set-up where there is no stress or pressure.

Whether you pick a minimony or microwedding, what really matters is to make your special day more meaningful for both of you.