What To Wear To a Winter Wedding in Australia

Warm summers and springs might be the most ideal wedding season for every engaged couple to schedule their wedding. However, if you and your partner prefer not such humid weather, then don’t let the cold bother you to have a winter wedding season of celebration. The good news is, even in the winter weather of Australia, you can still enjoy special occasions like weddings with class and fashion.

Regarding the wedding outfit of the bride and groom, they might need to tweak things a bit for this winter wedding event to become comfortable and memorable on their end. Therefore it’s necessary to at least understand the things to consider in deciding what to wear during the winter wedding season.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Winter Weddings Attire

Here are some of the essential pointers in choosing the perfect wedding dresses for the bride and coats for the groom during your wedding event.

Check Your Wedding Location

The first thing you need to keep in mind when selecting which outfit to use is the comfortability based on your chosen location. Though your wedding celebration is happening in the winter season, that doesn’t mean that you can’t customize a palette that will compliment your wedding venue. 

Go ahead and check your location, don’t accept that sacrificing style is the only thing you can do to make your dream wedding successful.

Plan Your Wedding Style

As every organizer says to the engaged couple, “your wedding, your style.” Needless to mention, your wedding theme should not only be bound to blue, white, and other cold colors that are typical in winter-themed special occasions. You can make it personalized and appropriate to you and your future spouse’s personality. 

Apparently, other themes can collaborate with winter celebrations, such as rustic, vintage, boho, jewel tones and color, and many different personalized wedding themes you can choose from.

Select an Appropriate Fabric

Well, this point goes without saying, but if you need a reminder, I would like to remind you that your fabrics play a significant part in your comfortability. As much as you want to make it more aligned with the theme, you need to first check if your winter wedding outfit can withstand the harsh, cold weather. 

Avoid any linen or cotton-made wear that will likely give you a shivering vibe throughout your much-awaited day.

Prepare a Backup Wear

Winter ceremonies could be as lovely as snowflakes, but they could also be harsh as storms. It will always pay to bring backup wear for challenging situations, especially during winter. 

As much as possible, select an attire that could be easily mixed and matched for grooms. You’ll never know what could happen on your wedding day, so it is always good to be ready. Make sure you have a backup knee-length dress that can withstand the low temperature for beautiful brides.

What Do You Wear to a Winter Wedding Australia

Since you already know the basic concept of dress code in a winter wedding event, I guess you at least somehow have a picture or idea of how your attire should look on your wedding day. However, I don’t want to leave you hanging with those ideas, as I want to help you more with your concern. Follow the specific guidelines below for a more detailed outfit for your winter wedding day.

Groom’s Wedding Attire

Grooms are one-half of the most influential people in the wedding event. Therefore they deserve to have that classy and stylish outfit during their special day. If you’re the bridegroom, always remember that you’re the big man of the event. Your attire selection should make you the most handsome guy in the event.

So, what exactly is the best attire for grooms in a winter wedding season?

Wedding Suit

Your suit is the most essential clothing since this will make you outshine everyone else on your wedding day. I highly suggest using a two-piece or three-piece suit, given the cold season that your wedding is into. The colour may vary from shades of navy, black, and gray. But, of course, that would be subjective depending on your desired winter wedding theme.

Shirt & Pants

As much as possible, shop for a simple shirt and stay away from corporate-like shirts that would push you away from the theme. You also need to avoid cotton or poly wear as these are too thin for winter. Regarding your pants, simply make sure that it compliments your suit. 


You don’t need to complicate things in choosing the right shoes for your wedding attire. As long as it matches your top and feels comfortable on your feet, it will be the proper footwear for you. Remember that your wedding is a winter wedding event, so make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes that you can use all day.


In a winter wedding event, less is always more with your accessories. Try to make it as minimal as possible. Aside from the idea that this might hinder your movement, wearing too many accessories might not justify the wedding theme you’re trying to showcase.

Bride’s Wedding Attire

Weddings will never be complete without a fabulous bride dazzling in a white long dress as she carefully walks down the aisle. If you’re the bride, bear in mind that you’re the most important person at the event. Everyone will be staring at you as they astonish by your gorgeous ambiance in your winter wedding event.

Here are some styling tips on firing up your wedding outfit during your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Wedding Dress

The first thing to consider is the quality of your dress. Make sure that the fabric is thick enough to withstand the cold. However, it should not be too thick as it will not look pleasant upon wearing. You might also consider choosing long-sleeved dresses to protect your arms against the cooler weather. 

The most effective way to cope with the low temperature and at the same time fit with your wedding theme is to layer up your long or mini dress. This could be a furry coat that can complement your sequin dress. It could also be an elegant faux fur stole that can make your body stay warm without losing the formal dress vibes.

The key here is to make yourself comfortable during your wedding event. Be reminded that winters are usually harsh. So, it’s best to make sure that your outfit can give you a feel of warmer weather.


One of the best things to remember when choosing a pair of shoes for your wedding is that you don’t have to wear high-heeled boots if it isn’t indispensable. You may opt to use low-heeled shoes or boots instead. Don’t forget that it should have enough coverage to make your feet warm.

If you’re worried about your heels or boots’ glamour and stylish appearance, then worry no more. Believe it or not, winter wedding footwear exists in every favorite shop you like. You will have elegant shoes, but you’ll also have comfortable wear for the dance floor.


The perfect way to describe how your wedding accessory should look is to make it cozy. Think if you’ll need a pair of lux gloves or stylish furry mittens to protect your hands and arms against the low temperature. It is also advisable to wear to a winter a muff or cape to complement wedding dresses when needed.

What should a Guest Wear to a Winter Wedding?

In the same way, you give importance to your outfit, you should also consider the wear you’ll include in the dress code of your wedding guest, including the beloved mother of the bride and her dad. Here are some styling tips you can use when choosing an attire for a wedding appropriate for the winter.

Make it Formal: What to Wear to a Formal Winter Wedding?

Wedding events happening during the winter season usually tend to be more formal weddings in nature. So let your male wedding guests dress up a bit with their power suit and black tie. While female visitors could wear maxi dresses with long sleeves to keep them warm. You might also advise them to use luxe gloves and faux fur stoles to give them a surefire way to wrap heat on their bodies.

Let them Go Cozy: Stay Warm

Winters in Australia are cozy and anyone would love to enjoy and feel comfortable, even in a wedding event like yours. So, why don’t you just let them think that way and give them a chance to wear to a winter celebration a formal cozy coat or high neck dresses that will wrap their delicate bodies?

Suggest Wintry Textures: What Colors to Wear to a Winter Wedding?

Whether you choose a furry coat for the mother of the bride or a long sleeve maxi dress for the ladies’ dress code, you may always choose a beautiful palette of wintry colour.

Dress Code Your Wear to a Winter Wedding

Apparently, the best way to determine which dress code fits your most special day is the one that could satisfy your desired dream wedding theme. You also need to consider the comfortability and fun your wedding guest will experience upon attending your wedding day.

Ensure that you have informed your guests about the attire a month or two before your event, so they can prepare. You might spiel the theme during your bridal party or bachelor’s event.

After all, this is your special day. You and your partner are the most special people on that occasion. Whatever the challenges, always think of a winter wedding deciding that this would be an excellent time for your much-awaited day.

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