Why Groomsmen Bags Make The Perfect Gift For The Best Men Of Your Life

Getting married has to be one of the most magical days of your life. It’s where you finally tie the knot with your partner as you decide to grow old together and spend the rest of your lives together. 

Apart from planning for the big day, you also need to make your bridesmaid and groomsmen feel special on your big day. It helps to emphasize their importance to the wedding and your life. While it’s not required, it’ll show endless appreciation. 

As you focus on your groomsmen’s gifts, you might want to look for multiple gifts to put in a single bag for proper presentation. Alternatively, you can just give a single groomsman bag they can use during the wedding or even after. 

Luxury Weekender Bags

Weekender from Von Baer

A luxury leather weekender bag is a great gift for groomsmen that they will use for the years to come. Choose one made from high-quality, full-grain leather that can be personalized with your groomsmen’s names, like the Von Baer Weekender.

Why Weekender Bags Are The Perfect Gift

Below are some reasons why weekender bags are the ideal gift for the best men in your wedding:

  • They’re Functional

When giving a gift to someone, it must be something they can use and not just toss them up in the trash. Not everyone is a fan of display items, especially if they’re serious about interior decorating. 

To find the perfect gift, giving your groomsmen functional wedding travel bags or groomsmen bags would surely be a great idea. With this gift, you can guarantee that it’ll be something they can use during and after the wedding. 

Even if your groomsmen aren’t frequent travelers, giving them a groomsmen bag allows them to have something to grab in case of a last-minute out-of-town. This is the perfect gift they can use as they can store everything they need inside. 

If you’re planning to let your groomsmen use the weekend bag on your wedding day, especially if you’re having a destination wedding, you should give this gift before the big day. This should help them prepare their things and lessen their duffle bag shopping as you’ve provided one for them. 

  • They’re Fashionable

Nothing beats the essence of fashion, even if your groomsmen aren’t too fond of their appearance. A groomsman bag has a formal and classy look to it that allows anyone to look professional and sophisticated at the same time. With this bag, they can confidently walk as they roam around the airport or even in the hotel lobby. 

AdobeStock 550217024.

A groomsman bag is something that they can match with any outfit. Since they’re usually made of leather, they can immediately provide an uplifted and masculine look. This would work perfectly during the big day as they’ll wear their lovely suits. 

  • They’re Personal

Most groomsmen’s bag allows for customization. To emphasize that it’s your gift as they participate in your wedding, you can make it more personal by engraving their name or monogram on the bag. It doesn’t have to be too flashy or loud, but loud enough to make it look custom yet classy at the same time. 

You can engrave their initials on the bag or design a monogram to add a bit of sophistication to the bag. Including their initials on the bag can help make things feel more personal as you took the time and effort to customize the bag just for them. It’ll help to strengthen your relationship and make them feel special as they participate in your big day.

How To Complete The Set

Wedding trends come and go. Timeless as they may be, as you give a travel bag to your groomsmen, it’ll be nice if you could complete the set by giving them something that complements your primary gift. This allows you to fill in the bag with something useful. Moreover, know that it’s optional, as this should still fit within your budget.

Moving on, below are some things you can add to your groomsmen bags gift:

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  • Add Travel Accessories

Your best men can bring the bag with them as they go to different places. To help them be more organized with their stuff, adding a travel accessory would help to keep everything in place. 

A travel cable organizer will help store their cables and charges conveniently without tangling up their clothing. You can also provide some travel bag organizers that allow them to separate their clothing and shoes for easier access and better cleanup. 

  • Include A Laptop Bag

If your groomsmen always carry their laptops with them, adding a laptop bag would surely be something beneficial. Unless your travel bag already includes a laptop sleeve, a separate bag provides added protection, especially if the laptop is thin and fragile. It can even match the look of their travel bag for added sophistication. 

  • Consider Tossing In A Tracking Device

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your bag containing every important item you carry with you. To help your groomsmen keep track of where their bag is, you should consider adding a tracking device that they can set up to their phones for proper tracking. This allows them to immediately know the exact location of their bag in case they lose it. 

  • Add An Insulated Tumbler

Hydration is important, especially when you travel. To keep your groomsmen hydrated, add an insulated tumbler that allows them to keep their cold water with them as they arrive at your wedding. You can customize the tumbler with their initials to make it feel more personal too. Alternatively, you can just match the colors with the bag to complete the look. 

  • Toss In A Pair Of Sunglasses

If you’re having a destination or beach wedding, it’ll be nice to toss in a pair of sunglasses to go with your groomsmen bag. This allows them to arrive at your wedding in style while letting the bag complement their outfit. However, you need to choose the perfect frame that best complements your best men’s face shape. This allows it to bring out the best of their facial features and make them look classier.


Choosing groomsmen bag as your gift would always be the perfect idea as they serve an amazing purpose for everyone. Apart from being functional, they’re also fashionable and personal, making it more heartfelt, more than just giving a simple bag. To complete the set, you could add some add-on gifts that’ll help to make their travel more comfortable. It’ll be the best gift that your groomsmen would surely appreciate.

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